V-Diet Observation

well im on the 4th day of my v-diet and everything is going well…ive opted on one whole meal every few days…whenever i feel like i really need one…so far its been 4 days…roughly 20 some odd shakes and only 2 whole food meals

anyway just a quick observation

on the 2nd day i was craving some real food…so i had a bit of lean steak and green veggies…then tonight i had a tablespoon of natty pb and some cottage cheese

did anyone else notice quite quickly that they were no longer craving the regular burgers,beer, pizza

but the more healthy options like steak, chicken, fruit and veggies

coming this saturday im going to have a cheat meal…and all i can think about is some grilled chicken, a huge green salad, and a sweet potato

this diet is great so far…can’t wait to see the results