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V-Diet Log

i have decided to run the V-Diet for 4 weeks, then go into the metabolic diet, then following a precontest diet to shed alot of fat. my goal is too be 220lbs at around 5-7%bf. i will post end results. i also want to keep my strength as high as possible as well.

This is day 2 on the V-Diet. i feel good so far, not hungry, slightly dizzy though. my supplements are as follows:

blue rhino, caffeine pills, instone wieght loss pills, aspirin, low carb protein powder, flax seed oil.

my stats currently are: 239 lbs(lost some already, was at 241), 18 years old, bodybuilding goals, 6’2", 5 years training, 4 as a pl, 1 as bb

lifting stats: bench: 335lbs
sqaut: lmao at 420lbs
deadlift: ok at 475lbs
military press: 225lbs
hangclean: 230lbs
pullups: 15
incline bench: 270lbs

goals: 5-7%bf at 220lbs.
day2: pain. i went skiing last night for cardio, 5 hours straight freestyling. im hurting but going to the gym in 15 min for shoulders traps.

I feel a little tired and dizzy. im not hungry suprisingly, as i just came off i bulk so my stomach was probably stretched out, but im not going to complain, im running on only protein powder and flax, as my other supps have not arrived yet.

im beggining to look foward to my meal consisting of flax and protein shakes lol. slight pain in my right trap may hold me back on the cleans. will post after workout.

ok…lets get this straight…ur the same hugearms69 who referred to himself as a “seasoned vet” (who is infact 18yrs old) in the steroid section? who had all of his gear ready to go and had spent 1700 dollars?

now ur doin the v diet…

nice try mate, time to go troll anova website

bye now

dude shut the fuck up, i decided against juicing and i am more seasoned than you i can almost promise. age means nothing loser, my genetics seem to be great and my natural hard-work take no prisoners attitude gets the gains i want. im cutting now, to get as low bf as possible. this is my log of the v-diet, take it or leave it asshole.

day2 cont. after workout:
feeling good, it was shoulder/trap day. not bad on my lifts for being depleted of glycogen. my body is a little harder and slightly more definiton in the shoulders, i have lost 3 lbs already. down to: 236lbs 17.8%bf.

my body hurts alot, but im gonna stick out the pain and continue to work hard tommorrow on my legs. im excited to try the blue rhino, i know its only trib. and im 18 and dont need it, but w.e. i used trib before and suprisingly had a much greater libido, so ill see what the gf thinks lol.

what can i say…


[quote]chriscathie85 wrote:
what can i say…


He’s a freaky, naughty, nasty, freak.

i have decided to pull this log, as i am getting only negative responses. im not going to waste my time on trying to log details of my experimental cut.

i will however post end result pics in the pic section. it SEEMS like just because your older means your more deveolped and a better lifter. i disagree with this, however, the general populas of this forum has concurred with my above statement.

Therefore, i am pulling this log as of now and will not post on this forum anymore, i have figured that since i know enough about diet and nutriton, supplement use, lifting and training, that i do not need to be a slave to the forum.