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V-Diet Log

Today begins day 1 of my 28 day journey of fat loss. I decided not to begin on a Sunday or Monday like normal people would simply because I just arrived back to school from visiting my family last night. I knew it would be hard to start the V-Diet with my whole family constantly wanting to eat together.

So I started today, and I must say so far there is no energy loss. The HOT-ROX seems to work pretty well at keeping me alert on the low calories.

I am an mma fighter, and will therefore be doing more training than the prescribed 3x a week. I am going to be doing the morning fasted walks as well as 3 mma or muay thai sessions per week. I have not decided whether to train weights 2 or 3 times a week. I am afraid that at 3x a week i might quickly burn out.

I am going to treat the MT and MMA sessions as weight sessions and have my 2 scoops of Surge with them. So i am going to have less days with minimal carbs as the typical V-dieter.

Weighed in this morning at 217.5

I suspect a lot of that weight is just water weight from the shit i ate while i was home. So i expect a pretty big drop these first few days.

I’m gonna try to keep posting here daily. I could use any advice/support i can get.

Thanks a lot


(pics to be attached shortly)