V Diet Log Started 8/22/22

Weight 204
Arms, right, flexed 14
Chest, high, relaxed 44.25
Waist 1-inch above navel 43
Waist at navel|42|
Waist 1-inch below navel 38
Thighs, right 20.75
left 20.75

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Looking forward to following your progress! Always here to help if needed.

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Chris, What marco percentage’s should I be trying to hit on the 700 calorie meal?

I am doing 3 day a week bodyweight eternal warrior style work out. Using a rowerg for the warm up and cool down (10 min each at <125 BPM) and also for the intense conditioning work lasting 3-5 minutes at 160+BPM.

I just completed the 3rd workout this morning and they leave me pretty drained for most of the morning.

I walk on the other 4 days.

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This may surprise you, but I don’t like eating based on macro percentages. It has value for some folks, and it’s a good skill to learn because it teaches you a lot about food. But as a lifestyle? Yuck. But I understand your question.

I take a minimum-math approach.

My suggestion is to start with a nice hunk o’ protein: chicken breast, lean steak, whatever you like. Add up those calories. Then pile on the near-calorie-free veggies in whatever type and form you like (if that’s a salad, be careful with the oil or dressing). Add any calories you get from that. Fill out the rest with carbs, which might be a baked potato (or half) or some rice. See where that puts you calorie-wise. If it happens to be 500 instead of 700, and you’re satisfied, no worries.

The main goal with the solid meal is to keep the calories in check based on your needs and weekly results, and choose “clean” options. Then savor it.

I suppose we could break that down into percentages, but it doesn’t matter much of it’s all healthy food and calories are kept in the proper range.