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V Diet Log - Soldier and Powerlifter Getting Lean to Go Home

I’m starting the V Diet today and I want to create a log to ensure accountability and share my progress. This is a long post, where I lay out my background, goals, deviations from the base V Diet program, my diet, and my closing thoughts. Feel free to ask any questions or, for those of you who have previously done the Velocity Diet, advice. Thank you.

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Background on me
I’m a semi-competitive Powerlifter and active duty Infantryman. On Thursday, 11 FEB, I totaled 1300 (420/265/615) in competition. That was a PR on Squat and Deadlift, but I missed my PR on Bench Press (275). I ran a variation of Juggernaut and incorporated some of the principles from Hybrid Athlete to keep my run fast. I’m a little heavier than I have been, sitting around 215, but generally compete in the 198 weight class. I’m relatively lean right now, with visible veins and abs, but I’ve never had that full six pack. I’m currently deployed, but headed home in about a month.

The primary goal here is to get as lean as possible to help my bodyweight movements and run time. (The secondary goal is to get nice abs for the woman back home.)

I also plan on being a coach someday, and I want to practice a deadline diet in case I ever work with bodybuilders. As a general principle, I prefer a steady leaning out or bulking up to anything this drastic, but I just can’t get the requisite accuracy regarding calories while deployed. So this will be a test “sprint” diet as opposed to my usual “marathon” approach. I’m excited to see how it works. After the program, I’ll probably go back to the RP diet for a maintenance phase. I’d like to get my bodyweight down below 200 again.

Deviations from the base V-Diet program
I’m making a few changes to the base program based on my needs and my background. The biggest changes is that I will be running, rucking, biking, or rowing for my NEPA, depending on how I feel. Got it, this is explicitly against the program. So why am I doing it anyway? Two reasons. First, I really can’t afford to take a month off from running. I’m not quite in my peak running condition but I’m close, and I’m not willing to sacrifice that for leanness – remember, part of the goal of leaning out is to have less mass to move during runs. Second, as I said, I’m deployed. I can’t exactly go walk around for 30-60 minutes for the fuck of it.

I assess myself as somewhere between the intermediate and advanced (solid numbers, athletic background in high school and college, and 4+ years of serious lifting), so I pulled moves from both workouts while mostly following the guidelines. I also have a specific event for which I’m prepping, hence the inclusion of things like the 80% BW bench press. Fellow military servicemen will recognize the necessity of some of the movements I picked for the V-Burn challenge day.

Reps: 20 total per exercise
Rest: 30 seconds between each set
Load: Heavy (4-5 RM)

  1. Front Squat (BW)
  2. Chin-up/Pull up (different grips) (+50#)
  3. Push Press (I’m using my OHP number for this, since I haven’t programmed in OHP in a few years) (150#)
  4. Front Tucks

Reps: 40 total per exercise
Rest: 45 seconds between each set
Load: Medium (8-9 RM)

  1. Reverse Lunge (using regular BB Lunge weights for these, since I’ve never done reverse lunges) (115#)
  2. Bent-over Row (185#)
  3. Dips (no weight added)
  4. EZ Bar Curl
  5. Ab-Wheel Rollout

Reps: 25 total per exercise
Rest: 30 seconds between each set
Load: Heavy (4-5 RM)

  1. Deadlift (405 – my actual 5RM is 490, but that’s heavier than I am comfortable going without a belt)
  2. Bench Press (80% BW)
  3. Chin-up/Pull up (different grips) (No extra weight)
  4. Skull Crushers


  1. Pushup (15 reps)
  2. Situp (15 reps)
  3. Jump Squat
  4. BW inverted Row
  5. Pike Pushup
  6. Flutter Kick (2ct)
  7. Lunge (2ct)
  8. Mountain Climber (4ct)
  9. Step Ups (2ct)

Here, at least, there’s no changes. I can’t guarantee that my HSM will be 500-700 calories, but I’ve been counting calories and macros for a while and should be able to eyeball this to get it about right. My goal is also to do my NEPA before the HSM, so I can adequately replenish glycogen and not feel like shit the next day. I can run slow depleted, but I can’t be polite enough to do my job going through the whole day starved.

Otherwise, I am falling the exact protocol outlined in the guide using all Biotest products.

Closing Thoughts:
This is obviously a living document, and I may tweak some of the numbers as I go. Hell, I may even drop most of the running, or move around the time for the HSM. I’ll post what I did for exercise and body weight daily, and will try to get progress pictures in regularly. I’m open to feedback, but if you’re not bigger, stronger, leaner, faster, or experienced with the V Diet, I’ll ignore any negative comments.

BW = 211.4

Running: 30:00, 3.27 miles (9’10" pace), 494 cal, 158 BPM

Progress Pictures

BW = 211.0 (-.4)

Session 1: 20 reps, :30s rest (total times)
FS at 205: 5, 5, 3, 3, 2, 2 (4:27)
Pullup (+50#): 5, 4, 3, 3, 3, 2 (4:20)
Push Press at 150: 5, 2, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2, 1 (5:22)
Front Tucks: 5, 5, 4, 3, 3, (3:25)

Biking: 30:00, 7.16 miles, 248 cal, 129 BPM

Sounds good, man. With the training changes, just make sure the NEPA is on the easier side, that’s the idea of it. It’s not meant to be a full-on workout.

You might actually want to toss a thread up over in the V-Diet Support forum instead. You’ll find a bunch of other people keeping their logs there.

Only other thing I’d recommend is about progress pics. It’s usually best to do a simple standing relaxed/arms at side pose for front, back, and side. Hitting bodybuilding poses can often give a different illusion of actual progress, especially if you don’t really flex the same each time. There’s a reason why bodybuilders practice posing for weeks and weeks.


I appreciate the feedback. I’m tracking on keeping the NEPA easy - that’s why I’m keeping most of the cardio crap to 30 minutes.

Good point on the bodybuilding style poses. As I said, I’m not a bodybuilder and don’t know that world. I’ll try to get some up relaxed.

I’ll also build a post over in the V-Diet support forum.


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