V Diet Log March 12th

Well i’ve finally decided to do this crazy dam diet for 3 weeks, main reasons being;

  1. Self Dicipline
  2. Single digit body fat
  3. I have little money for food until my next loan comes in so i decided it would be a good time to try it
  4. I’m adventurous and like a challenge.

My V Diet feeds me 1650 and 1500 caloires for training and non training days, consisting of;

. Cod liver oil
. Milled flax seeds
. Organic coconut milk
. Organic extra virgin olive oil
. Milk Protein Concentrate
. Whey protein isolate
. Apple Fibre
. Maltodextrin
. Multi vitamin
. Green tea

Before stats, 11th march;
. Body weight = 84.5kg ( 186.3lbs)
. Upper arm = 15.5 inches
. Top thigh = 26 inches
. Mid thigh = 24 inches
. Lower thigh = 22 inches
. Calf = 16 inches
. Waist = 33 inches
. Hips = 33.5 inches
. Chest = 46 inches
. Body fat is around 14% based on my mirror and shoe
. Shoe i used was an asics size 10 lol.

Sorry Chris but buying Biotest supplements is way out of my budget at present, Biotest would bite me in excess of 300 pounds (approx 650 dollars). The supplements i’ve chosen, are 60 pounds (120 dollars) including delivery.

Training is basically, go in the gym and mess around, i’ll be doing a total upper body day, leg day with some upper body work and an oly day with some light total body training on friday. The main thing is, lift heavy and reduce my rest periods.

Carido will consist of cycling >-2 miles of uphill cycling, plus i do enough daily walking for uni. I may add the occasional 12 minute high intensity jog.

I will wait to the end to post progress pictures and i will update soon.