V Diet Log - 9/15 Start

V Diet, Day 18. Checked my waist this morning, just below 34 which means I’m down about an inch since the start of the diet, which is pretty great progress.

Felt pretty tired yesterday. I hurt my right shoulder on Friday, I was doing a row with one hand on the bench, and I remember when stood up and then pain in my shoulder. Since then I’ve had a sharp, intermittent pain in my right shoulder. Tried to do the Physical Labor of Metcon For Muscle yesterday but it was making the shoulder pain worse, so I stopped and did some sled drags just to get my heartrate up. Felt pretty pooped after that while mowing the lawn, doing yard work.

Shoulder feels better today but of course need to take it easy over the next few days to let it heal and not make it worse. Always hard for me to slow down.

Got my Ninja blender to take into work and make the protein shakes. Works great, just doesn’t hold much at 20 oz. So definitely a backup/travel blender only.

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Day 21. Weighed in at 179 today. I put on jeans yesterday that I wore a few months ago and I was swimming in them, they felt huge. I’ve lost so much around my waist, it’s really crazy.

Took my son and wife to Menchie’s (frozen yogurt) yesterday as a reward for him, I felt little temptation to partake. Damn, if this diet doesn’t work as far as resetting the brain with those cravings.

I’m still really liking the simplicity of it, so I don’t have to think about what to eat next. This part of it makes it much easier to adhere to the diet.

Great to hear!

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Thank you! Only a week left. :grin:

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Wow I really sucked at logging everyday. Currently at day 23, 5 days left of V Diet. I weighed myself this morning and I gained weight (#0.4) at 179 so wondering if I have plateaued in my weight loss? Which is just fine. Wife keeps telling me how skinny I’m getting.

Fasting glucose is at 96, which is awesome. Been trying to figure that one out for a long time. I was never able to do this using keto/intermittent fasting.

Still sticking to the diet religiously. Again, knowing the next shake is coming in an hour or two helps me avoid temptation. I might run out of protein powder before the 12th, which is supposed to be my last day. Ordered more and it arrives on the 12th.

I did notice that thing that Dan John had talked about, when you eat the Healthy Solid meal, food just tastes sooooo much better. It’s like you rediscover your palate/tastes bud. A nice side effect.

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Day 28 of V Diet yesterday. Overall lost 6.5 pounds, over an inch off my waist. A lot of things I’ll take away from the diet like doing the protein shake for 1-2 meals per day, especially breakfast. Fish oil 5x per day and curcumin, think this really helps with the little aches and pains. Protein shake is really convenient when you only have a short window between meetings around lunch time, as I often do.

I noticed last night, after dinner watching TV on the couch that I felt full and did not have the cravings to go eat garbage like I would have done prior to starting this diet. This is huge for me, something I’ve been attempting to kick for a long time. Easy to say “just don’t eat junk”, much harder in practice. I don’t think I can eat any added sugar, kinda like a drunk taking a sip of beer. Big trigger for me.

I think I should keep doing the bedtime shakes, since it gives me something to look forward to if I do get the late-night munchies.

Thanks @Chris_Shugart for this info and your help and encouragement along the way!

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Awesome results! Glad to help!