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V-Diet Lite Plus Waterbury

Hey guys,

Looking to finally rid myself of that “fat guy that is strong” look, and I have decided to do the V-Diet Lite for April. My question is if I can pair the “Waterbury Summer Project” training regime with the V-Diet lite. My rationale for this idea was that since my carb intake will be somewhat higher than the regular full V-Diet, my body could afford this workout and HIIT on off-training days.

Also, if I were to do the HIIT, should I use Surge PWO recovery after? I ordered all my Metabolic Drive Complete, Low-Carb Metabolic Drive, and Surge last week.

Please tell me what you all think!

V-diet lite is the shake in the morning (Metabolic Drive Complete) and the shake at night right?

Yes, it’s not really a diet, just an adjustment that will be effective if you’re normally skipping breakfast and/or eating massive carb loaded dinners.

So follow the 7 habits (do a search) for the rest of the day and you should be golden. No Surge after hiit.

FYI though, if I remember correctly, wb summer project (I did it last summer I think) asks you to follow t-dawg 2 diet, with is a low carb diet with similar carb requirements as the vdiet.

I don’t see why not.