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V-Diet/HOT-ROX Question

I’m on day 9 now of the velocity diet and everything is going great. I have a lot of energy and the weight is dropping like crazy. Im down to 204 from 217.5…I’m sure a lot of it was crap weight though from the shit i was eating prediet.

I just received my Biotest order yesterday, i must say its like christmas whenever those boxes come.

I have just a quick question for those that completed the diet. Which HOT-ROX did you use, and how many capsules were you taking a day? Right now I’m taking 2 capsules of the regular HOT-ROX and will switch over to the Extreme in about 5 days when my regular ones run out.

I didnt know if I should be taking 4 capsules/day in order to maximize its muscle retaining properties.



Are you talking “Regular” or “Maximum Strength” HOT-ROX? If it’s Maximum Strength HOT-ROX that is covered in the old V-Diet thread. I believe it was 8 caps a day. With HRX you would just take the regular dose of 4 caps a day (2 in the monring, 2 6-8 hrs later).

I’m no expert - but to me it seems this is something that has to be somewhat individualized. Personally I take 3 in the AM, 2 around noon, 2 around 5-6 PM.

I use HOT-ROX Extreme.

Seems to work for me.

Thanks for the replies. The one I have is the regular HOT-ROX. Ive only been taking 2 caps a day. My energy has been fine, i just dont know if I should take more simply for the muscle preservation advantage.

So with the Maximum Strength, the recommendation is 8 a day, i assume I should be taking at least that then?

How is it working out taking 7 HRX a day?

[quote]Bullmacher1 wrote:
So with the Maximum Strength, the recommendation is 8 a day, i assume I should be taking at least that then?[/quote]
As per the Recommended Use on the Maximum Strength Hot-Rox label “Do not exceed eight capsules in any 24-hour period.” So, that would be no more than 8 per day, unless Cy Willson or another qualified expert has offered a different suggestion. (Which, as far as I’ve heard, they haven’t.)

Again, as per the Recommended Use on the HRX label “Do not exceed four capsules in any 24-hour period.” I really have to suggest, IFR Pilot, that you consider significantly cutting back on your dosage since you’re currently taking nearly double the maximum recommended dose. In my opinion, that’s irresponsible, regardless of your tolerance.

Thanks. Good Info

Please do not exceed the maximum recommended dosage with the products.

The first week on the V-diet I had trouble sleeping. But I don’t really attribute it so much to the HRX - more so with the physiological changes due to the diet.

In fact, I can sleep quite well on HRX. I also havn’t noticed a need to increase the dose over time, like I would have to with ECA stacks.