V-Diet for Overseas Trip?

Hi all. I’ve been reading T-National religiously for a couple months now, first time poster.

I’ve been lifting on and off for 4-5 months but have only started taking my fitness seriously 2 months ago. I’m 20 years old and am 6"1 and 203, was 218 when I started. I have not been lifting long but I would consider myself somewhat experienced as I have built up muscle quickly from hard work proper diet and good genetics (my father is huge). I also have a lot of cardio in my routine, biking 30-75 mins 4-6 days a week.

My supplementation has involved HOT-ROX and a couple different protein powders that are basically the same as Metabolic Drive low carb, muscle milk after a workout (perhaps I should switch to Surge), and a standard multivitamin (megaman).

My actual diet has more solid food than liquid, lots of eggs, chicken, fish, steak/some beef, and less frequently fruit, salad, protein bars, sushi.I just read Christian Thibaudeau’s excellent article on supplementation and decided to buy some fish oil, BCAA, and Beta-7.

As a part of my job I travel overseas for over a week at a time every month or two. I haven’t travelled since I started my new health regime but I’m going to be in a hotel in Australia for 15 days starting January 9. I’m worried about my diet and was thinking about all of the supplements I’m going to have to bring when it occurred to me that the most effective solution might be to switch to the V-Diet, or a modified form with more solid meals mixed in. However I also don’t want to be low energy and slow mentally because I need to be very sharp for at least 4-5 days during this trip.

My main questions are:

(1) Would the V-Diet be a reasonable thing to do in this situation?

(2) what types of modifications re: supplementation would be necessary to go with any whole meals I mix in? and should I even bother mixing in whole meals?

(3) Weight loss is important but so is muscle. After eating healthy, mostly solid food and working out with such dedication while consuming 2000-2500 calories a day, could v-diet be a negative shock on my system that will cause me to regress in terms of muscular strength and endurance?

(4) I enjoy my biking. Is this going to be a problem if I actually go through with the V-Diet?

thanks for input, be easy on a newb


Assuming you are talking about the Aussie Millions, Just make some solid check-raises againest the locals and the weight will drop right off.

In all seriousness, I just finished the V-Diet yesterday, I dunno if poker and the V-Diet mix very well, I played one day during the diet and felt totally out of it. My state of mind while on the V-Diet was altered greatly during the diet, you just feel and think differently in terms of strategy (or so I felt). Plus you have to piss an insane amount of times per day which won’t work well with 90 minute levels. Just try to eat low carb during the trip and lots of green vegetables. You pretty much need everything else to be on auto-pilot during the first week or so of the V-Diet and I don’t see that ending well.

The V-Diet is a thing of amazement and works very well, you don’t lose any muscle, you lose lots of fat, you lose bad eating habits. I fully recommend it especially for poker players (Eating healthy and being generally healthy is something we can agree is needed and the V-Diet greatly helps that)

Don’t change the diet at all (unless wanting to add in some BCAAs) No solid meals, just tough it out. Message me on AIM (LWHiggins) if you’ve got any questions Jeff, it’ll hit to mobile since I’m rarely online anymore but I’ll try to get to a computer if I can.

thanks for the info, I’m still considering it but I guess I will have to eat more solid meals and change up the diet a lot, especially for days that I play.

Is adding the B-7 supplement to the diet pointless/a bad idea? I am wondering how it would interact with HOT-ROX and ZMAs and whether I would even want the ZMAs if I took it?

any responses appreciated, even if they are just links


I’d hold off on the V-Diet till you can get back. Just watch what you eat and exercise.

I’d also check with Aussie customs as to what they allow/don’t allow for supps.

yeah, I think I’m going to just stick with 2-3 solid meals a day; breakfast, something like a protein bar on days I work out, and w/e meat/fish I can get, as well as 2-3 shakes.

As far as working out, I still plan on lifting 4-5 days a week and biking 30 mins + daily, usually after breakfast. I

I think sticking with the standard schedule of BCAAs, Flameout, and HOT-ROX should be fine? I haven’t used BCAAs but I’ve been using the fish oil and thermogenic for over a month.

Would adding BETA-7 (or even ZMA) be fine with this plan? And does this overall diet plan sound reasonable?