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V-Diet for Bulking?


I'm wondering if there are any drawbacks to using the simplicity of the V-Diet, but with added calories (maybe using Classic Grow instead and add some other carbs).

As long as you're getting a surplus of calories, coming from high quality foods/supplements, it should make food choices easier.

I'd rather do something like this than have to think about what food combinations to make, taking the time to make them...

I just really like how simple the V-Diet looks for losing fat, but I still plan on gaining muscle for a while.


You need more fat from food if your aim is to bulk.


Yes you can do it.
I'd rather see you go about it differently though.
I would say create a list of staples and 2 meals plans (similar to the V-Diet with one for workout days and one for non-workout days).

Good staples:
Protein Powder
Dried Fruit
Flax Meal
I would add meats but I don't know enough about what's good and bad being a veggies.

From that list just create the meal plans and strictly adhere to them.


The V-diet actually incorporates some solid amounts of fat via flax, etc... However, I can't imagine why anyone would ever want to use it to bulk. Who would want to be so unnecessarily limited. Fat gain can be limited by eating normal, healthy, varied foods. I just don't really see what the point of V-diet bulking would be.


Thanks, I was actually going to ask you how you get all your protein in, seeing that you are a vegitarian and have made some nice gains.

I start to get sick of eating so much meat every day and I find myself just going to the tub of Grow! to satisfy my protein requirements.


I guess I'm just looking for an easier, more efficient way to get in all my nutrients without all the prep time or without thinking too much. Yea, I'm lazy that way.

I guess it shouldn't really be called a "Velocity Diet for Bulking", but I just re-read the V-Diet article and that's where I got the idea.

I'm currently doing okay with the whole foods I'm eating now, I just sometimes lose interest with making the food. One of my favorite carbs is sweet potatoes, but I like them a whole lot better baked compared to microwaved, and the same goes for chicken (I like baked chicken better than pan fried).

I was also thinking about saturated fats and how to get more of them in while bulking, but their usually one of the easiest nutrient to get in. Maybe add whole milk to Classic Grow!.

I just really like the convenience of the V-Diet. I also didn't really think it through a whole lot (as you can probably tell).

(on a side note, that Google spell checker that comes with the Google toolbar is pretty cool, I usually just copy and paste my responses in Microsoft word to check them)


Non workout day:
6 meals

Meal 1:
Raisins, Oatmeal, Protein Powder

Meal 2: Dried Fruits, Protein powder, few carrots or a banana or apples.

Meal 3: Same as meal 2

Meal 4: Stir Fry vegetables with egg whites (yeah it's kind of a hybrid fat/carb meal)

Meal 5: Veggies, Nuts, Protein powder, or some cheese

Meal 6: Cottage cheese, peanut butter, flax meal

I can do an example workout day if you want also.


And if you don't want the hassle of stir fry just replace that meal with w/ something else.


When it comes down to bulking, there's is one secret tip everyone should know : eat like a funky pig.