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V-Diet Family Insanity

Ok, here’s the deal.
My family wants in on the V-Diet and they want me to prepare everything for them.
In return they pay for all the sups including mine.

Here’s the backstory.
For the past week i’ve been experimenting with the V-Diet after I suggested it to my friend’s dad and he dropped from 255 to a solid 205 in 5 weeks on the V- diet.

He also quit drinking all together for the diet and took a week off of work to adjust to the low calories. I think he was getting between 1600-1800 kcal a day, jogging/walking in the morning and afternoon for about an hour at a time. He went all out on supps too, HOT-ROX, Flameout, ZMA, etc…

He munched on flax seed granola he made for himself instead of mixing into shakes. Basically he poured some water w/ a bit of guar gum fiber powder into a bowl and poured in flax as he heated it over the stove and stirred. The guar gum powder was orange flavored so it actually tasted pretty good.

Anyway after seeing these results my parents wanted in, and they’re planning to start right after my dad’s birthday, so on Dec. 10.

So, I have the next three weeks to organize and prepare all of the meals and sups for week 1, and make up logs and schedules for 3 people.

Here’s my starting calculations:

3 people:
BW 205(Dad)+ 150(Mom) + 185(sister)=
540 Total BW
Total KCal = 10.2 X 540 + (879 X 3) =
8145 X 0.5, 0.6 = 4000 - 5000 kcal Est.

I’ll have further calculations and break them down individually in my subsequent posts.
I’ll also be posting everyone’s progress in a month when they start up the diet.

Sounds very cool. Please keep everyone updated.