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V-Diet: Extension Plan and Diet?

Hi Guys,

As I wrap up the V-diet in the next 1.5 weeks, I’m looking at the extension plan I think I’ll use it to stay lean seeing its 3x/wk at full body. Its perfect for the summer and being able to spend more time outside and active doing other activities.

However, my question is there an accompanying diet strategy/plan to pair with this? Since the V-diet is a phase shift diet and lower carb oriented, I’m a little concerned that ramping back up my carb intake will lead to an excess and rapid fat gain.

Gradual ramp up? Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Dr. Rich

If you check the Pdf, there is a strategy for continuing it for another 2 weeks, I believe already in it. Otherwise check out a reverse-dieting thread or article on T-Nation.

I am aware of the extension plan in the PDF, that is a workout listed, I am asking about a DIET to accompany it

If you were not using the extra meals you were allowed during the V-Diet, you simply continue with the extra protein you have and continue the same diet.

Your question would be better answered over in the V-Diet Support forum, where more people who’ve gone through the V-Diet can reply.

Add one HSM to the day’s menu, so you’d have an HSM for breakfast and dinner or lunch and dinner. Base your carb intake on your training, your current size, and how lean you now are (or “how fat you still are”, depending on your general outlook on life).

If you dropped a bunch of fat and built muscle, you likely improved your insulin sensitivity and should be able to handle a few more carbs than before you did the plan, just don’t jump right to 600g a day or something crazy. Some people use the post-V-Diet as a perfect time to get on Indigo-3G, which can further help your body handle carbs.