V-Diet Exercises


I am About to start the v diet program in a few days.

The only issue I have is that I cannot do any weighted squats deadlifts ect due to an injury . I can do unloaded lower body exercises like ghr valslide curls ect .

I know this isn’t optimal but is there a way around this ?
I do have ideas that I have been using to work around the injury but just wanted some extra advice .

Thankyou in advance Aaron

You should repost this over in the Velocity Diet Support forum. This is a fairly common question that’s popped up over the years.

In a nutshell, the closer you stick to the whole program, the better. So, 3 days a week with full body sessions sticking to the set/rep/intensity guidelines, plus the V-burn bodyweight workout.

Making good exercise substitutions when needed is fine. Using dumbbells instead of barbells, for example, should be a workaround for most issues. Using all bodyweight exercises could probably be done as long as you can use appropriately challenging variations to hit the same intensity.