V-Diet Essentials

Alright… So in case anyone else is going to start the diet (I am in it right now, so i don’t know the exact amounts) exactly how much of everything do you need?

Grow! - 12 tubs
HOT-ROX - 1 bottle
Surge - 2 bottles
Flax - I bought 1 bag of pre-ground

Some other essentials

Mints - My girlfriend refused to kiss me after a flax filled shake… needless to say I went out and bought some mints.

Water - Important for not getting too hungry, a little water can kill the hunger pains you may get.

Flavorings - Sugar free flavorings for the vanilla shakes. Shugs wife’s article mentions them.

Lotsa Grow! flavors - The new banana creme and orange are DELICIOUS. Combined with chocolate they may even be better. There are like 20 flavors you make just by combining… Straw-Ban, Choc-Ban, Straw-Choc, Straw-choc-ban, Choc-Orange, Straw-Orange… oh the possibilities.

Anything else?

Don’t forget the fish oil!

Just started the diet today, my girl and I both. OOPs forgot to buy the flax seed pre-ground and my coffee grinder(hadnt used in two years) decides to be performance shy. None the less I’ve just been popping a tblspoon and chewing them up, then chasing em with my shakes. Yum yum how delicious. Buying new grinder today!!

I always just chew the suckers. After a while you get used to the taste. It’s the breath afterward that you have to watch out for…