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V-Diet Cardio

I will be starting the V-Diet on Monday and had a question about the cardio portion. Chris metions that he would walk a couple of miles every day. Anyone know exactly how long/far he would walk? I could not find an exact number in his blogs or articles.

I finishing up my last semester of college and already walk an average of 2 hours a day just to and from class. However, the walks are broken up into 4-6 smaller walks. I carry a book bag to class but it is usually pretty light. I was thinking of adding some weight to it (instead of a vest) and picking up the pace a little bit. Would this satisfy the cario portion for the diet? I wanted to follow Chris’s plan out to the ‘t’.

Or should I go for the morning walk in a fasted state and keep the walks to class normal? And how long/far?

“This morning I got up, drank my allotted single cup of java, popped some Maximum Strength HOT-ROX, donned a CD player containing an audio book, and went for a rapid two mile walk in a fasted state over semi-rough terrain.”

“I did my walk Monday without a weighted vest; today I did it with 20 pounds in the Xvest. I don’t think it will interfere with training load, but using a vest on non-weight training days may be a neat idea. No vest on lifting days; 20 to 40 pound vest on non-lifting day. In other words, the cardio portion will be easier on weight training days and a little tougher on non-weight-training days.”

"The fasted calorie drain this morning went okay; the wind was cold and gusting so I think I burned a few extra calories fighting it. But this is yet another advantage of outdoor cardio walks: once you’re out there, a mile or two away from home, you ain’t got nothing to do but come back. "

"So, bored, cold and annoyed by the damn wind, I completed my planned three miles anyway. "

It seemed that Chris went on a 3-4 mile walk using a weighted vest depending on workout days. The largest reason the diet works is because of drastic change in diet and the good weighlifting sessions.

Cardio is just an added bonus to burn off some calories and help set up your metabolisim for the rest of the day. When I did the V-Diet I ran 2-4 miles a day or spent 20-40 min on an elipitcal (due to pulled solues), but I am also in the military and cardio has been a part of my routine for as long as I have been in. I would say try to get in a fasted walk or jog in the morning. Doing some cardio is better then none and the more work you put into it the better results you will have mind you, just be wise to get enough rest and avoid overtraining. I’m sure Chris can answer your questions better but this is my .02 . Good luck

I’ll 2nd that advice about the importance of cardio while doing VDiet.

I’m on day 6 of the diet and happy with the results. I went out last night with some friends and had 2 michelob ultra’s (I know, I know, wasted calories) - but hearing their compliments about my progress was a real boost for me to get up today and keep going.

Anyway, the safe reduction in calories and ratios of fats, proteins, and carbs is really the main contributor to this progress. Of course weight training is key in order to build lean mass to help burn more calories, but the additional cardio is really used to enhance the progress. Although I find myself doing cardio 3-4 times a week, I’m fairly certain I’d still see some decent results if I cut that portion out completely and just kept w/ the strength training and nutrition plan.

Good luck!