V- DIET Carb Question

All,if i am 266 {52-54chest/41 waist/21%} and am going on v-diet in 3days, do you think that 100carbs would be to low? if so, would 120 be to high? also, fish oils,min and max? and added fiber,is 5grams ok or would i soon know!!! any advice from people who have done this will be great!

Don’t mean to be an asshole, but the difference between 100 and 120 g of carbs is going to be pretty negligible. Any reasonable reduction in carbs (and calories) at that weight and 21% bodyfat will get the scale and caliper moving in the right direction, probably pretty quickly.

It’s good that you are seeking out info to ensure that you won’t fail, but I’ve found that sweating the small things many times leads to failure itself.

Follow the diet, don’t worry about the little things here and there, watch your progress, and if you run into some plateaus, then start to worry about the details a little bit more.

With these questions and the fact you’re overseas, I’m guessing that you’re not using the Biotest supplements for the diet. If I am correct, what powder(s) are you using and what’s the nutritional info?

If you are using Biotest, just reread the V-Diet because it’s self explanatory.

guys, i’m using cnp and lean body until i can get the Biotest, i shall just workout the carbs in the mrps so i take in 100 in 5 shakes.