V-Diet + Carb Cycling

so i had an epiphany and i’m wondering what y’all think of it…

do carb cycling as noted, high and medium carb days, like on Monday, tuesday, thursday and friday…

then on your low carb days… do the V-Diet…?

be sure to train on MWTF though on your high and medium carb days… so anyway i’m gonna give this a shot but i think it has a high success chance of working.

i’ll post my progress.

check to see if the huge calorie drop would be ok. I know carb cycling has a drop on no carb days, but I am not sure it goes as low as say the v-diet would…might wear you out a little…

training today didn’t hurt at all, i did the V-Diet all weekend. I’m not a newb to the V-Diet, did it from thanksgiving to christmas with amazing results.

i’ve been carb cycling ever since with similar great results, but spring break is coming up in a month or so.

i really think i’ve got a winner here. i’m putting all the carbs right around my training.