V-Diet Calorie/Training Questions

Good evening, T-Nationals.

So, I’m considering starting Shugart’s incredible Velocity Diet, but was confused about the caloric guidelines. I’m 153 lbs, and according to formula provided, puts my non-training cals around 1,220 and my training day cals around 1,460. Now, this seems really low and goes against everything I’ve heard about too low calories and metabolism slowdown.

Another thing, before I hear “you’re only 153 lbs, get some mass on your skinny ass” I am an FFB, currently 6’2 around 17% bf. I lost a majority of the weight 4 years ago but have remained the dreaded skinny-fat. I’d obviously like to pack on some lean mass but I’d like to get down to 10% before trying to bulk.

I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to get rid of these remaining love handles and flabby gut, and feel that the V-Diet will be best towards kick starting real progress, but I want to make sure it will do me more good than harm.

In terms of training, I’m two weeks into Waterbury Summer Project, and I’ve been eating clean without keeping a food log, but suspect my calories have been below maintenance. My question about that: is the HIIT aerobic protocol on WSP overkill while V-dieting?

Thanks in advance for reading and your advice.

You’re 6’2" and 153 pounds. Please don’t lose another pound. Seriously.

I love the Velocity Diet, but you need to just focus on healthy eating.

Train hard, eat clean (a decent amount of calories!), and you’ll improve your body composition.

Ha, thanks. I honestly have a small frame to begin with, so I don’t look as bad as my stats say, but still need to trim some bf%. But does anyone have any opinion on getting too few calories on velocity, though?

that’s too few calories for anyone (aside from a child)

I don’t care if you have some extra fat still. You shouldn’t weigh so little.

You need to maintain some healthy eating habits. Look up precision nutrition, and everything else written by John Berardi (ignore the Get Shredded Diet for now).

I’m not saying “bulk” or “cut” those two words shouldn’t be in your vocabulary, unless you are talking about buying in bulk or cutting some veggies.

Go find the 7 healthy habits and get thos in line first. You are much too thin, regardless of how much fat you think you have left. If you eat right for a year, you will probably gain muscle and lose fat. Try that first.

I think you should be looking at putting on some muscle. With the added muscle since you’re naturally an ecto the muscle will help burn the fat even more and you’d end up being shredded.