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V-Diet: BCAA Instead of HOT-ROX?

 I know, I know.  It's not the v-diet if you change the parameters.  I've done the strict v-diet before.  The reason I'm asking about trading BCAA for HRX is that, to my understanding, Spike and HRX are not compatible.  And I'd like to be able to use Spike for its mental effects for the next few weeks. 

I figured BCAA’s would be a good way to fight muscle loss during the diet. Has anyone made this substitution before? What were the results?

use Caffeine-Free Spike and use all 3.

Wait… what? I’ll look into this but I thought that Spike + HRX was a big no-no (but not just because of the caffeine).

Caffeine-Free Spike can be used with any of our other products.

Cool. Thanks for the information.

I’m actually interested in trying HRX + Caffeine-Free Spike sometime haha