V-Diet At 41, This Is Fun.

Yes, I am 41 and been on the V-Diet for 2 days now. Loving it so far. I understand the challenges (I did the anabolic diet for 6 months, I love the no carb thing), but I am also the type of guy that enjoys a challenge.
Received all my goodies from Biotest on Thursday.

Must take a little break to tell you how efficient and cheap it is to order directly. I live in Canada, and the package arrived at my door, 6 business days later. With exchange, I saved over $300 by ordering directly. My Canadian supplier (Popeye’s didn’t even have the HOT-ROX). All I paid was $33 Canadian freight on top of the order. Thank you USA for having a weak dollar these days :slight_smile:

And yes, I’ll use the service again. It was that easy and efficient.

I have also started a blog at another site (I like the format, so I kept it) to keep me motivated and learn.

Wish me luck, and I’ll keep posting.

26 days to go.

The closer you stick to the plan, the better the results. Be accurate in your calorie calculations and measuring out the ingredients in your shakes. Don’t skimp on the milled flax seed. It’s inexpensive and effective in keeping everything moving. Good luck.

FWIW, the lignans in flax seed bind testosterone. Whether or not that is a good thing depends on your point of view, but it is worth noting. There are certainly good ways to get fiber in your diet that don’t bind testosterone.