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V-Diet and Water Weight Gain?

So far I have been on the V-Diet for almost 3 weeks. I lost 5 lbs the first week and 4 pounds the second. Last night I had a dinner engagement that was already planned. I ate a solid meal at a japanese restaurant grill style steak, vegatables and fried rice. I weighed in today with only a 1 pound weight loss difference compared to a week ago.

How much water weight gain do you think I would have from the 1 meal? 1 or 2 pounds. At least I can say short of a full 3 weeks on the diet I have lost 10 pounds total. Not too bad

ehh…dont worry about it. Just finish out the diet, transition off slowly and you should be fine. 10 - 12 pounds in a month, you can’t be dissapointed with that.

I agree with Lonnie. You should know once you finish the V diet you’ll gain back a couple pounds in water weight.
Thats normal.