V-Diet And Training Question?

so i’m planning on starting the v-diet I’m 6’1 about 240 trying to drop down to 220. MY question is while on the diet should I change my workout.

currently I box and my workout is something like: jump rope (3 minutes) 1 minute rest (between each exercise so i’ll only type it once)
jumping jacks/squats/stretch (rotate 20 sec. of each for 3 minutes)
shadow boxing 3 minutes,
three 3 minute rounds on the heavy bag (with rest in between)
jump rope 3,
shadow box 3,
abs and pushups 3,
jump rope 3,

should I stop my boxing workout and switch to traditional weight training for the v-diet or can I continue what I’ve been doing? thank you for your time

While I can’t really answer your question specifically to boxing I can tell you that while on the V-diet I found I was able to train pretty much the same as otherwise but found myself tapering off into tiredness much more than normal, meaning if I bench right when I arrive at the gym I could bench like before but if i end the workout with cable crossovers i was much weaker on those due to (I assume) the lack of carbohydrates in the diet.

Being that you’re not putting yourself under any big bars during your workout I don’t see why you shouldn’t continue on as normal, I think it’s likely you’ll find yourself being a little slower towards the end of the workout but I don’t believe thats a reason to change your workout.

it has been ‘generally’ recommended while on the v-diet to drop things like boxing, hiit, long bouts of cardio, etc… and stick with heavy sets.

Yeah i can attest to the losing of strength later in the workouts. I know you dont already but i found when i started traing near my max i.e 3 reps or so i lost a fair bit of strength.

It seems the more CNS strees of the excersie, the more your loads will suffer. Like my front squatting i just cant train as heavy as i was. Other exersices like curls pull ups and stuff feel fine, stronger even.

I feel my one legged squat is feeling good though. I would suggest doing loads of pull ups dips n single leg stuff. Single arm stuff could be great aswell.

Thanks for all the imput