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V-Diet and MMA Training


I have a fight in 3 months and need to drop some weight... i know how to cut but it seems to drain me... i figured i'd give the v-diet a shot to jump start my weight loss...my concern is that the low calories might effect my training...

anyone have any experience with training for a fight and using the v-diet?


Honestly in your situation the V-diet IMO is not a great choice you need to be peaking for the fight and training hard on thnat diet for performance I dont see that happening.


I just started it, and am cutting out rolling while I am on it. Since I am doing it to the letter, the only training I may do is some light bag work.

How much are you looking to lose? Maybe a shortened 1 or 2 week V-Diet could work or at least get you to a point where the cut doesn't bother you as much.


i am going to be losing 45lbs... i know, i got out of shape... i was injured and used food and beer (i live in belgium) to comfort me... i usually "cut" 15lbs in a couple of days but i wanted to be healthier...

i figure that the v-diet is a healthy alternative to the "usual" way that i lose weight (starvation)... if i do this for a month, i have another 2 to recoup any strength or endurance loss... i can train light and then pick it up after the v-diet

any others out there that have opinions?


hey abe... i see you on the UG too... very cool...


If you got 45 lbs to go then I would say go for it. Just make sure you transition off it smoothly. Given that you will still be 6-8 weeks out after you are done and its not your first fight I would think you would be ok. Certainly better than starving yourself.

I am actually in a similar situation to you. Got hurt, had surgery and slacked off. Metabolism crashed and I blew up almost 50 pounds. Not that I mind rolling and sparring with heavyweights, just wish their was a freaking height limit.


Thats someone else with the same screen name. I don't hang out on the UG too much. Mainly read groundnpound.org, jjgear, and bullshido.