V-Diet Alternatives in UK?

A few quick questions that I need answering, sort of the finer points of the diet.

  1. Sourcing Supps

I am in the UK which means that it looks like that I can’t get a lot of the Biotest supps without burning a massive whole in my wallet. The supps that are needed with my interpretation…

HOT-ROX - Fat Burner
Surge Recovery - Recovery Shake with BCAA
Flame Out - Omega 3 Oil
Low Carb Metabolic Drive - Casein Shake

I am not questioning if I need all the supps as obviously the diet will not work as well if I start using 100% whey shake instead of the casein.

HOT-ROX - Thermopure 4 Servings a day

Surge Recovery - Hurricane XS The shake is 219kcals and my workout/nonworkout kcal difference is 269kcals, this is ok since Shugart’s leeway is 50kcals, 3-5 servings week

Flameout - Omega Liquid 4 servings a day

Low Carb Metabolic Drive - Since I already own a lot of whey my plan is to measure how much I have then combine it with bulk casein in about 60/40 casein/whey mix. My calcs for the shake put it at 60gx5 shakes per day at 222kcals per shake.

My calculations : http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c289/echelon_101/Untitled-30.jpg

Excludes flax which I might replace with nuts as 1kg of nuts seems to be much cheaper than 2kg of flax although I shall investigate this futher. Also uncertain as to whether I might need an extra 3kg of whey.

My sort of budget is £150 which is £25x5 with £25 being my weekly shop which I will hesitant to go over as a student.

  1. Workout Timings

Since I am commuting to work at about 0830 (leaving house) and returning about 1800 should I do the NEP walk/workout either moring/evening or evening/morning?

  1. Workouts

I am going to be doing the intermediate program as I have been lifting for about two years blah blah

Monday - Problem for mondays workout is that I do not own a sufficient amount of weight for 3rep deads (~120kg) would it be suitable to switch the exercise to a powerclean with an ass-to-calves front squat (~60kg)?
Wednesday - Fine
Friday - What should I substitute for reverse crunches as I do not own an ab board? Weighted crunches/leg raises/chinup bar leg raises?

  1. NEP Workouts

On Thursdays and Sundays I like to play a bit of Ulimate (Frisbee) for my home town, about UT2 work. Should I use the recovery drink on these days as well, so that my kcals would be that of my workout day. However the practises would be instead of the NEP walks so should I keep my kcals low.

Any answers would be great, I really want to do this diet and all the knit picking is not pussy footing. Advice from UK velocitiers would be fantastic!

Right i’m in the UK and am using myprotein products for a diet based on the velocity protocols and if you PM me your email address i’ll send you my spreadsheet detailing products, quantities and costings.

  1. Thermopure is shit. The only fatburners i’ve tried are HOT-ROX and thermopure. Hot-Rox is worth the extra.

  2. Why are you using hurricane? Myprotein do a recovery formula.

  3. If you email me i’ll tell you how to get myprotein’s instant milk protein cheaper than they advertise.

  4. Nepa - just do it. when ever

  5. Sub what you need to in order to lift some heavy weight. You can do reverse crunches on the floor, you don’t need a board.

  6. Recovery nutrition is for post weight training only

PM’d Thanks :slight_smile: