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V-Diet, 26th March - 22nd April


side untensed (not that it would matter)

bicep untensed

bicep tensed


legs untensed



if youve got this far and not puked, Well done!

im a fat fuck and its going to change!

ive been low carbing it for 6 weeks, and doing a 5x5 spilt. been working, but slowly. i want something drastic! im accepting the V-Diet Challenge.

the plan?!

monday - chest/back
tuesday - Legs/core/strongman cardio
wednesday - off
thursday - Shoulders/complexes/arms
friday - off
saturday - olympic lifts/complexes/grip
sunday - off

5x5 on compounds and 4x8 on isolations

NEPA - its a 30 min walk to work, and my job is shifts of 3 hours walking about handing out flyer. i do 1 or 2 shifts most days. is this enough?

5-6 shakes a day. comprising of (per 50g)
Energy 196.0cal
Protein (as-is 38.8g
Fat 3.5g
Carbohydrates 3.0g

ill be taking 2x70ml scoops per shake, i think this adds to 70g a shake. ie 70ml = 35g

HOT-ROX Extreme - 4 a day

Norateen (T Booster) - 2/3 a day

Fish Oil 1000mg - 3 capsules a day
180mg EPA
120mg DHA
10% vit E

zinc + magnesium - 3 a day
133mg magnesium
5g zinc

multi vitamin

solid meal on sundays - steak or chicken with some veg.

thats it at the minute, going to buy some peanut butter tomoz.

have i missed anything?

last time i weighed myself (about 2 weeks ago" i weighed 290lbs. my target is 250 after the diet and transition.

we’ve a bit of work to do but its do-able. . . we get our own clinic going yea? :slight_smile:

think the training needs an overhaul. . more full body workouts, EDT and less splitting for the time being. . .

what ya reckon?

If you really want to drop weight, one of the best ways is to really push deads/squats/OLs. These raise your metabolism and you lift a lot of weight.
I would do

Squats(front and back)
Pullups and situps

Standing Rows(up and down grip)
Leg raises(raise and hold for 30 sec at 90 degrees legs straight)
Romanian Deads

Wednesday Off

Strongman cardio
Lunges (deep but high rep lower weight)
Quick and light squats

Friday off

Kill those OL’s- This should be the longest day, take plenty of breaks in between sets and even reps if you need to. Bring layers and put them on while breaking and stretch the whole time.
Warm up real hard
then snatch (high sets, low reps, high weight)
then c+j( high sets, low reps, high weight)
power clean (lower weight, higher reps)
Hanging snatch (lower weight higher reps)
Barbell snatch (optional)

Just my idea for an attack plan for a while to shed some pounds while still gaining strength and speed.

[quote]bryan.kav wrote:
we’ve a bit of work to do but its do-able. . . we get our own clinic going yea? :slight_smile:

think the training needs an overhaul. . more full body workouts, EDT and less splitting for the time being. . .

what ya reckon?[/quote]

im liking the spliting at the minute but im willing to give it up for 6 weeks if it will boost the weightloss. what u recommend? one of the major 3 compounds a day? then work the rest of the body?

over in my other thread, you were saying about my protein not being suitable for the V-Diet, can u clarify?

well im one day in, felt empty and painfully hungry yesterday but still with energy etc. just woke up, going to the gym to do shoulders/arms today. will post my full day tonight. dont feel hungry this morning :slight_smile:


beleive it or not the OL are my fav, followed by deadlift, then bench then squat (not a fan of squating)

i always make my OL session the longest, and what i was doing sounds similisr to what you talking about.


you can find an Oylmpic session i did there.

Yeah man OL’s are so much fun. Your lifts in that post look like you have fun too. Why don’t you like squats?

Anyways keep on hacking at it.

its not that i dont like them… i do. its just im not doing them 100% right atm so it pisses me off. wasnt gettign below 90 so i started box squating.

27th March 2008

10am wake up
10.15am shake, 2 HOT-ROX Extreme, fish oil cap, 2 norateen, multivit

11.15am gym:
5x5 miltary press 60kg supersetted with 5x5 pull down

5x5 standing dumbell press 22.5 kg

4x8 bicep curl on low pully supersetted with 4x8 tricep pressdowns on high pully

tricep kick backs on bench with 25kg plate

2 x 25,20,15 bicep “line of death” - start with 25s and do 8 reps, then 20s 10 reps, then 15s 12 reps, 5 sec breather and then 10 reps of 20s and 8 reps of 25s. thats one set.

on 2nd set i came within inchs of being sick,i was wretching over the bin. think i would have been sick if i had anything to throw up. felt really dizzy aswell. so i left the session at that.

was going to do a third set of the “line of death” and then some lateral and front raises.

i was super strict on my resting times, and tried to make sure it was 30secs from the time i finished the last rep of a set til i started the first rep of the next set. definatly felt the effect of nothing in my system for energy.

12.00 finish.

12.15 shake with 5g of creatine. fish oil cap, zinc+mag cap

Thats is so far… the plan for the rest of the day is.

15.30 - shake + 2 HOT-ROX Extreme, 1 norateen

16.00-17.00 - class

18.00 shake + fish oil cap

19.45 shake

20.00-2330 - work (NEPA)

00.00 shake + 2 zinc+ mag tabs

00.30 (ish) bed

im not sure if im planning the tabs at the right times? and also should i get anything else? Flax? peanut butter?

cheers ST

just got word that im going to london tomorrow with work… gonna be a test of my willpower. its a 7 hour van journey there… its goos thou, cuz my job is lugging boxes of rollerskates about! bout 60 kg a box i reckon. so its a devcent workout. was thinking of maybe moving my “solid meal” to friday night. becasue it will be paid for by work, and i dont want to seem like the weird dick in front of everybody…

if the meal is free fair enough but its easy to not get food just tell them your not feeling well or something :slight_smile: used to do it but now i just tell every1 to piss off wen they’re annoying me bout wot im eating. . :slight_smile:

Shakes. . whey is digested faster than casein (particularly whey hydrosalate which is already partially digested/ ‘hydrolysed’ and gastric emptying is fast and thats why your getting the hunger so soon after the shakes. . i reckon get your hands on some natural peanut butter and flax (i mix them. . i know weird) and get a scoop of that into your shakes to slow digestion/ absorbtion (not post work out tho that should contain some simple carbs 1. glycogen replenishment 2. insulin spike and accompanying amino acid and glucose clearance) recovery etc.

you seem to be taking the shakes very regular aswell. . maybe have a bigger shake not quite as often. . . remember your a big guy and as far as i can figure out ur taking in <1000 kcals. . NOT ENOUGH even for the v-diet get PB and Flax!!! imediately. :slight_smile:

i like 1 OL and unilateral day (single leg single hand) day (same day)

one hip dominant mixed with vertical push pull and biceps

and quad dominant with horizontal push pull and triceps

reason being i dont like doing deads and bent over rows in the same session. . (ouchy) haha

wanna do biceps on chins day, triceps on bench day. .
Mix your grip work in on squat day as chins and deads are enought in the one session for grip.
mix your strongman cardio in there aswell at will

some ppl may disagree but that just me . .wot u think?

Obviously brian.kav knows what he is doing but have you folks checked out the training program they have gustavopacho and novagreg doing in the Physique Clinic?

Good luck with you! I think you will have a great shape when you strip some of you down.

not being antagonistic or anything but i think the initial workouts you do on the v-diet are. . well not my cup of tea. . alot of what seems to be RFD stuff and not enought HEAVY lifting. . maybe thats a requirement for gus and novagreg as individuals/ metabolic stuff but i’d personally disagree dont like the 3 exercise circuit idea long term (1 or two sessions ok) but i’d prefer to superset 2 big exercises than one full body power and a push and pull which is what alot of the vdiet stuff is initially. . . go give out to me every1. . i can take it :slight_smile: (prob wont listen though) :slight_smile:

the only flax ive seen about is in pill form?? so idont understand how i can put that into a shake…

didnt suffer from the hunger today. just got progressivily tired at work, untill i got lucky with one of the punters. :stuck_out_tongue: huge confidence boost and motivation to see this through. she was drunk but hot! lol

ive packed up enough powder for 15 shakes, got my pills in bags etc. im gonna make this trip without breaking the V-Diet. it will be my first test and im physced to not give in. especially since the drink and food is all paid for.

can anybody relate the sickness felt in the gym to the diet?

i dont know if im being blind, but i dont think i look 21 stone, people are always shocked to hear that. i suppose i am nearly 6ft2 but still… :S

bryan.kav - cheers for the program info, but to be honest i dont really know what your talking about with all this hrizontal/vertical etc… and i cant do more than one chinup.

octobergirl - cheers for the motivation, i hope to see my shape soon! :stuck_out_tongue:
ive also been following gustav, that guy is an inspiration, i think im starting worse than him but i defo want a similiar physique!

i know its a overasked question… but any idea on my BF%?,

290lbs, 6ft2, 50inch chest, 30inch quad/leg, 44 inch waist(i however comfortably wear size 40, but tape measure says 44)