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V-Diet 2.0


I'm back in Full swing and eating junk food and enjoying college for a week....and not even lifting. Fun stuff huh?
Regardless, I'm hoping my Grow! arrives today; if so V-Diet part 2 will begin. Is there anyone else here that has tried the V-Diet more than once?
Regardless, I'll keep another log of my progress and see how my system responds to it.
I'm also going to do strength-training for atleast the first 2 weeks and if it works I"m going to continue with it and just modify the rep scheme a bit...
Shall see.


you haven't changed a bit, huh?

welcome back i think ... :expressionless:



Did anyone ask for this? If so, who did it?!?!


Some things (people) never change


Whomever did is hiding....for good reasons.


I'm 6 days in my second Velocity Diet and my results are almost a mimic of the first time around.....10lbs so far.


How long has it been since you were last on the V Diet?

I just finished my first time about 2 weeks ago - lost 13 pounds give or take - which totals 30.5 pounds of fat loss in the past 3 months. Almost there but still not quite...I'm gonna give ABBH a go from monday since I've been on Lactic Acid training for the past 3 weeks and I would like to actually start building up now.

Anyway good luck.


I originally did the V-Diet between Feb. and March.

I'm trying a few different things this time around (different training parameters) and I'll see how it goes. I basically want to see if it can be used as a contest prep diet (yes Powda's thinking of competing sometime or other after he's a bit bigger and leaner).


I think I'm 11 days in so far...AMAZING results. Surprisingly I'm doing less activity (I'm not biking to school at the moment) and I've lost a lb or two more than the same period last time (and I started 13lbs lighter this time too).


The main difference is in my back..it's FINALLY starting to have SOME definition.