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V-day for t-men

Ok, i saw the inquiry about potential gifts for a girl a guy’s just started seeing… what about the other way around, i’ve been seeing this guy for about a month, it’s not too serious yet, but i’d like to do a little something for Valentines day… any ideas? Please no sexual inuendo’s, those are allready blatantly obvious.

Look up how and buy some mainly scented oils, and give him a massage. ALso sounds corney, but I like “coupons” like entitled to three half hour massages, that i can use whenever. Or get out of doing some annoying chore that your guy always has to do…(this is more when you are living together)

I LOVE MASSAGES!!! OH regarding your question: guys don’t care for much but sex,yes I know you know, so if you are not giving him any, let him now it’s coming up soon…with a card or something…or you can just fuck him…
I am sorry I could not resist…

Gotta second the coupon idea. I received some from a GF once and it was very cool. Don’t think that you have to limit yourself to massages though…use your imagination.

anything but god damn stuffed bears or boxer shorts! I’ve recieved so many fucking stuffed toys and boxers over the years. Its the same shit over and over! Get me something i can use!!! LOL On an off topic, do you know how annoying it is when you forget to change out of your boxers before going to the gym and doing squats??? I did that today AGAIN for the 3rd time in a row!!! JUST HAD TO GET THAT OFF MY CHEST!!! LOL :slight_smile:

1972 Corvette Stingray. That should just about do it.

scoobi: The most funny part with boxers and squats are the part when you try to explain to someone standing nearby why you have to scream during warmup…

Gifts that I would like? A massage is always nice. Or something that has to deal with something I’m very interested in. Above all, I like something homemade with some meaning. A picture frame with a good picture or something else that is creative and means that you put some time and effort into it. This means a lot more to me that a store-bought gift for a commercialized holiday. Remember, the way to a man’s heart is through his eyes and stomach. Sex can appeal to the eyes, and food is always a great way into the stomach. Cook a nice meal or have a picnic. Or combine the sex and the food for an all-senses feast! :wink:

Get him something he could use…a 12 pack of good beer. Then get him laid.

Fuck his brains out!!!

bring him you sister

I’d get him one of those “sexual inuendos”…whatever they are.

Give him something every man wants and needs…A BLOW JOB!

One other idea, give him and his friends a guys night, basically you set a poker/pool whatever night, you cook all their fav foods, serve food and beer all night, and let him get away with being a complete macho pig all night.

Get him some shoes with really thick soles.
This will make him a bit taller!