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V-8..Healthy? And Fish Oil Dosing

OK so I buy v8 and for the longest time believed I was getting 2 full servings of veggies, but for some reason i’m starting to doubt how healthy it really is. Thoughts?

Also how many grams are in 4 Flameout capsules? its recommended on the bottle to take 4. All at the same time or spread out? How are you guys taking this stuff, especially with all the new claims on it’s benefits that we’ve seen in the articles on this site.

Its aint horrible but it aint veggies will do in a pinch

It tells you on the bottle 5.6 grams

either just take them each day not on an empty stomach with a meal


V-8 is good when the real stuff isn’t available.

The Low Sodium V-8 is the best option, still havent seen it in the 12oz cans though.

I actually spoke to my physician the yesterday about drinks besides water and milk (lactaid in my case). He said that he highly recommended the Low Sodium V8 Juice as it is a great source of potassium and electrolytes. He also mentioned that those nutrients are superfluous if you are eating all your greens and veggies anyways; but I know that today I’m going to go out to BJs and buy some of it in bulk!

It has so much salt in it. Drink the low-sodium stuff, and that’s not so bad for you.

I always throw some horseradish in it and some wostcheshire (sp?) sauce. Yeah, it’s missing the booze, but a virgin mary isn’t so bad.