Uvalde School Shooting

Thoughts on the circumstances surrounding this tragedy? What were these cops thinking? Did they join because they liked the uniforms?

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FTR, despite general beliefs to the contrary, a cop has NO official duty to risk themselves to save you.

I thought police learned from Columbine that they couldn’t just sit and wait in these situations. I thought policies had been changed. Who did they think he was shooting at when he was in that room?

About the only meaningful comment I have concerning this event is that officials need to know of certain the facts of the events and a firm timeline before “winging it” to the media. Looks more like the Keystone Cops, and I strongly support law enforcement.

We need to know as many facts as possible before drawing any meaningful conclusions, and most definitely assigning blame, while demanding accountability. And I will let the word “accountability” go for now.

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Wait until all facts have come out, there have been too many different stories come up since it happened

It’s definitely an evolving story, but it is consistently moving in one direction, which is that the cops were cowards, plain and simple. There are enough eye witness accounts to corroborate that they were at the school and did not enter the classroom for at least 30 minutes, while they continued to hear shots fired.

So yea. Fuck them.


What I wonder is:

I believe this is true. Was a SC decision.

But, I believe policy was for them to go in and engage the shooter.

Does the SC decision overrule the police department policy? Should these cops be punished?

I don’t think they should be cops personally if what we are hearing is true. But is there grounds for termination?

I’m as pro LEO as it gets but this seems to be a shocking dereliction of duty.

Perhaps more facts are emerging, but this looks deeper than a failure of law enforcement. It looks like a failure of masculinity.

It is a failure of our oldest, deepest purpose as men. To protect the women and children under our care at all costs.


Do we have a timeline of when the children were killed? Seems likely that once the killer entered the classroom he likely killed everyone in 30sec. At which point he barricaded himself in there. Or, was he killing people over an extended period of time with the cops outside?

Because not entering the classroom after shots stopped being fired at targets inside is understandable. Active shooter vs hostage situation.

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How accurate is this?


If thats what happened then i could not agree with you more

Ted couldn’t answer.

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I believe it’s been reported the Border Patrol tactical team showed up much sooner than that but the local cops wouldn’t let them enter.

No legal obligation but rather a professional one. It’s not against the law for a cop to look the other way but it can still cost him his job.


Now I’m even more saddened by this whole thing.

You do know how credit cards work, right? The dude didn’t have to have the money in his bank account, considering he knew he’d be dead in a few days and wouldn’t ever have to pay it off, he just needed a credit card number. He ordered the guns online. All he’d have to do is write down a parents credit card number, and he’s good to go. His Wendy’s salary and his parents salaries are irrelevant.

But yes, the amount of money those things cost is accurately represented, although the reports are now saying he did not indeed have body armor (this may or may not be accurate).

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He bought them online? All reports I have read are of him purchasing guns and ammo at a local shop.