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UV Lamp for VItamin D?


Are there any lamps out there that produce enough UVB in the 290-300 nm wavelength so as to produce natural Vitamin D production in the skin? I'm cooped up inside most of the day studying and I'm concerned about my vitamin d production (and I do not really like taking supplements when I don't have to).



just get online and research fast food restaurant suppliers. Compare prices on those heat lamps they use to keep the food warm. Get some cheap ones and put them all over your bedroom. Sleep naked underneath them at night. You'll be so full of vitamin D that it'll be ridiculous. Also you'll be tan as shit... that'll be way better for you than taking a simple vitamin once a day.


Uh...lolz? Was that an attempt at humor?


Come at me Bro


My mom experienced seasonal depression last year, and the doctor gave her a lamp. It isn't the uv that tans though.


Please keep your trolling to the Off Topic board. kthxbi

Of better yet, try actually post a response/disagreement in the form of an opinion/argument.


its called a joke man. It looks like what you really need isnt Vitamin D... it's a sense of humor

You'd rather buy some UV lamps and sit under them all day instead of taking a quality vitamin D supplement? really?


But vitamin D is so expensive!! Oh wait...


I would have laughed heartily if it had been a funny joke.

I'd rather buy a UV lamp and sit under it once a day for about 20 minutes.

The current literature on VItamin D suggests that full skin exposure to natural sunlight is sufficient to produce AT LEAST 10,000 IU of Vitamin D endogenously.


Beyond all of that, as a rule I am more comfortable with a substance that endogenously produced (and therefore regulated by my natural biological mechanisms) than taking a supplement. Evolution has crafted the body pretty well, so I prefer the natural system over the artificial one.


or go for a walk 2x 15mins a day?


A good deal of info here: http://www.solarcsystems.com/narrowband_uvb.html Honestly, gregron has a point that Vit D3 is easy and cheap. But narrowband lamps can be a good option is you don't respond well to pills, which may be the case with some ppl (try pills and then get tested b4 you try a lamp though).

Sciency shit: http://archderm.ama-assn.org/cgi/content/short/146/8/836


I bought my vitamin D lamp from the vitamin D council, as already listed above. I like it! I guess more than just D3 is manufactured in the skin with UVB rays strike them. 5 to 10 other compounds are made too that are little understood but thought to be important. So found it good to take D3 supplements and some exposure to a lamp a couple times a week, in my personal case.

You might find some information about lights here also, not for sure though.



I bought one for my work desk since I am inside all day. I feel less tired in the afternoons.

My doctor suggested it after a car accident and I am still using it. I think it is great.


This is a SAD light, not a UVB (Vit D) light. Good for mood, but not Vit D production. Vit D lights (regular or narroband) are the kind that require you to wear protective eyewear


One of those natural guys, eh? Nothing more natural than a lamp blaring in your face instead of having to take a few pills per day the size of tic-tacs.

Make sure to use at least SPF 45, don't want to sport an orange tint.




uhh, do regular tanning beds work?


Are you vitamin D deficient? If you are not you don't "need" to supplement.
Get your level tested.
If you ARE deficient oral supplementation makes the most sense.
I supplement orally and in the summer have the Dr.'s green light to lay out an hour a day a few times a week.


No tanning beds are the other type of UV.