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Utilizing Whey and Casein Correctly

I know that the whole whey vs. casein debate has been done to death, but I would like a bit more clarification here, especially in the context of a carb-controlled diet. My diet is mostly protein and fat meals before my lifting session at night.

After my lifting session and a PWO shake, it’s all protein/carb. It’s basically Dr. Di Pasquale’s Metabolic Diet, but skewed much more to the protein side than fat. I understand that whey is faster acting (peak serum amino acid level in ~40 mins.), whereas casein is slower acting (peak serum amino acid level in ~6 hours).

My question is, when would you utilize either of them throughout the day?

Obviously, you would want whey for PWO, to get to the muscles quickly. Would it then be advisable to use casein for all other meals throughout the day? If most of your day is restricted carb, would it be a good idea to use the slower acting, coagulating casein to keep you sated for longer, so you don’t get ravenously hungry should you be late for a meal? (does casein even have this effect?) Does it help with maintaining a more stable, positive nitrogen balance?

Most will say to use the casein throughout the day or mix the two. There’s really no problem using the whey throughout the day instead. If you really want to spread out the casein, alternate between the two or use whey in the morning and PWO, then casein at all other times.

Basically it’s up to you, just eat every 3 hours or so.

I never found any significant differences in satiety between casein and whey.