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Utility Bench: Legend vs EliteFts?

Been doing clean and press with sorinex strongman log for last year and lots of elbows tucked close grip barbell presses using 5/3/1 protocol. Lots of improvement in tricep and front delt but not a lot of shoulder growth. Decided to do a month of seated dumbell presses on a multi angle bench I use for flat and incline pressing…wow, with the shoulder flaired out to the side getting that cannonball look pretty quick! Now I know why body builders do these… but seem hard on my lower back! I know I am arching a bit to get those heavy reps.

Seem like in all the vids of heavy dumbell work the guys are sitting in chair type benches with lower back pads that allow thier upper backs round over the top of them a bit. So looking for the right bench for heavy seated press. I have used ones with a foot bar in front (like the legend) for barbell work and that foot brace takes all the stress off the back and locks you in nice…I am just not sure if this is compatable with kicking up the heavy dumbells…can you kick up the bells and then move your feet to the support bar? Never tried it.

Also the legend fitness utility bench looks to be inclined back quite a bit…I still want to be doing something close to a standing press. I cannot clean 110lb dumbells to standing so I feel seated is the way to go…just need to know which peice of equiptment is best. I have no budget restrictions. Anyone tried the legend bench and can tell me if it is designed right? I have other legend stuff and it is right there with sorinex as top quality, just not sure of the incline and the foot bar for dumbell pressing. Thanks!!!