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Utah Passes Amnesty



Under this new policy, which can only take effect if the Obama administration gives the green light, illegal immigrants would be recognized by Utah as legal residents even though other states would still consider them illegal. The Utah government is trying to negotiate with the Obama administration to allow employers in the state to hire illegal immigrants â?? a federal crime, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Hey Obama, Utah usurped Federal Immigration Policy, are you planning to sue them?


How can they do this?


Racist !



But seriously, isn't this akin to the civil war?

I mean states rights vs. the federal gov't.


Yes it is, but clearly Obama will sue ONLY when people try to stop illegal aliens. If you are a pro-open border amnesty lover, you get a pass.


Where does the constitution define what a "legal resident" is?

Besides the 9th and 10th Amendments clearly state that the federal government has to mind its own business with regard to states rights.



The Utah Legislature originally favored a much tougher immigration law...perhaps one of the toughest in the Nation.

However, LDS leaders asked that they come up with something that was more "immigrant friendly". Usually when the LDS Church weighs in on an issue in Utah, the heavily LDS legislature tends to listen...good OR bad.



Immigrants are one of the last sources of money for the church in general, this is no surprise. Utah is also afraid of a boycott, the same way Arizona was.


I don't know, Max.

The immigrants from Mexico and Central America tend to be predominantly Catholic.



Immigrants pray to Jesus, at the end of the day, whether it's a Mormon Church or a Catholic Church won't matter in their view. This is also Utah, pretty small place.


It would appear that the Federal Waiver that Utah needs to implement this is unlikely to happen.


Of course, and the Mormons don't want to seem like bad people!


Why do you insist on saying this, the biggest sources of money for religion are rich people.


Naw, not Mexicans they have Our Lady of Guadeloupe and that is who they pray to.


If the federal gov't didn't like it they could just pull a quick one with funding, couldn't they? (honest question) Similar to when the federal gov't wanted the drinking age raised, they just pulled highway funding until everyone gave in.


Where are you getting this information? Come to Los Angeles, come to where Roger Mahony used to reside, you will find a 20% non-Latino attendance, if that.


The latest news is that more and more States...including all the Border States (most notably Texas)...have become very interested in what Utah has proposed.




It is because of two words, tax revenue


I doubt it will stand up, but I have been known to be wrong on occasion.


Would you mind explaining that a little?