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Utah Mine Accident

Just got in and caught the news about the mine cave in that happened in Utah. Often times you here about stuff like this and then you have some jerk off in a suit telling you it wasn’t the companies fault.

The guy who runs the mining company was speaking on TV just now. He flew in and personally took charge. He was a miner for 10 years and is now the CEO of the company. He looks like he was a miner, big and tough. Said he will get the men out and he has a plan to do that asap and will do whatever it takes. Just gives you confidence that this guy will get it done. Said he never had an accident at his company and takes more precautions then they are required to do to keep his men safe.

How refreshing to see a stand up guy take charge of something like this and not point the finger at someone. So unusual I felt compelled to post something about it.