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Usual Results?

ok, im going on my 4th shot…on my second week of super test 250 taking 1 cc twice a week. my question is how long b4 u should see results? i havent gained any weight or mass but i have gained some in the belly area.

i am eating like a horse every 2-3 hours and eating pretty clean. im eating more than i ever have and juzt getting fatter in my gut. is this normal and how long b4 i see some results elsewhere…where it counts?

its probably began to work but two shots a week is not enough to feel the short esters kicking in. your not fatter. its testosterone beginning to bloat you. that goes away after the cycle.

Keep up your eating, you will need another week or two before you will really feel anything.

im taking the shots mon and thurs. i heard if u cant do it every other day, thats the best substitute. so 250 mg twice a week is 500 mg. is this good enough? and when should i start to see my wieght go up and when to see results on my muscular size? this is my first cycle by the way.

What else are you running. I’ve heard from nearly everybody that 500mg is pretty low.

I’m running 600 a week with great results-Test only. It will usually take until your fourth or fifth week to notice any significant changes. I’m into my sixth week now and can definitely “feel it”. I’ve run well above a gram a week and not had any better results than the 600 I’m running now. Also, I don’t have the acne problem I was getting from the high dose.