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USS Enterprise XO Under Investigation



Anyone seen this? More PC madness. People can't take a joke...if this has been brought up already please disregard.


I just don't see how any of this could have happened. It's not like we live in a sex obsessed society. And it's not like any of this could lead to harassment of female, and gay sailors.


That article is biased. I watched the vid on youtube, it is not as bad as you think.



It doesn't have to be "as bad as I think". Do you know what a "hostile work environment" is? No, probably not. When you create a hostile work environment by promoting such things it sets the tone for sexual harassment. This would never be tolerated in any legitimate business and should certainly not be tolerated by the US Navy. This guy is a disgrace.


If there weren't gays or women in the military, no one would have been offended! A US warship is not a business. Civilian workplace ideals should not be forced upon the military. This is Navy humor, a morale booster....ZEB I thought you were all anti PC! I'm disappointed.

This is why many Navy traditions are being lost, no one can have any fun anymore without SOMEONE being offended. The hazing rules are absolutely absurd.

That said, I am shocked an O-6 would make a video like this. It's either a big "eff you we're gonna have fun and damn the consequences" or else he just totally stopped giving a shit about his career. Maybe he just didn't feel like kowtowing to the whiners.

Ever watch a comedian on....well, any comedian anywhere? Lots of humor is offensive and edgy, usually what makes it good. There's a reason so many sailors on that ship loved it. Just takes one to ruin it. By the way he was a very respected officer til this scandal.


You're misunderstanding my point of contention. It's not about political correctness, it's about protecting some men, and all women from a hostile work environment. If your sister was on board that ship would you want that sort of film played? Of course you wouldn't. Whether women should serve is an entirely different topic, the fact is they do serve. Now how do you behave?

Get it?


Of course, but I think what's considered "hostile" is grossly exaggerated.


That may be the case - To You. But to others it might be not only offensive but create a sort of environment that breeds hostility and maybe even violence. How can showing a guy pretending to masturbate help anyone? How does it help to ridicule homosexuals? How does it help to belittle females?

There has got to be far better ways to have fun than this. That Commander was way out of line.


It helps because as I said, it boosts morale through laughter. Let's face it, there's always gonna be SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE who gets offended by anything. I'm actually a big fan of your posts on here, but I'm sure they offend some people...should you stop posting? I hope not.


So... What's the joke?


Jimmy are you merely posting to argue? I am not just talking about offending someone. I am only too aware that there are groups and sub-groups that scream about insensitivity and that is usually a lot of PC nonsense. This is only partly about that, but far more. As I've tried to explain and have not been successful (yet), when you condone this type of behavior you are in essence promoting a hostile work environment where people can be harmed. This far transcends offending someone. It wasn't just a couple of sailors trading dirty pictures. It is the Commander of the ship sponsoring counter productive activities -The very person who should be leading by example. By this display he (as Commander of the ship) is telling his personnel that these types of activities are funny, "cool" and go ahead and do them it's okay, you're just having fun. I understand your feelings about women and homosexuals serving in the military, but the fact is they are serving and now how should they be treated. Does it serve our great country's best interests to ostracize them, or harm them in some way? Certainly not. Whether you want them to serve or not is a separate argument than how to treat people who are now in the armed forces. I don't see this as a political problem, it's about having a united front, dignity and most importantly safety of the crew.

I hope I did a better job of explaining my thoughts this time around.


The joke is that people responsible for billions of highly sophisticated equipment use it to indulge in puerile jokes and are lauded as heroes and the pinnacle of manhood anyway.

Downright hilarious really.


I agree with Zeb

Fuck... I can't believe I said that... I'm going to go throw up now.


You're finally showing the good sense that your parents always said you would eventually have. Now go clean up your mess.



Honors has been placed on "Administrative Duty" which effectively ends an amazing career.

That was sad to read.



It seems that wearing a uniform = hero.

He should have known better. You have to question his judgment.


She is a hero.

I would whorship her.