USPS Slow to Australia?

Hey guys, I bought something from the US and it’s being sent via USPS, it’s been a few weeks now ( 18 days ) and am just wondering if this is normal? I’m guessing they’ll wait til a plane is full before sending though getting close to 3 weeks I’m not sure.

I know we are in the middle of nowhere but planes fly fast theses days :slight_smile:

Any ideas?


Is it stuck in Customs?

Are we talking stuff from biotest? If so, it should have arrived well within a week. It may have been caught up in customs but the team here is great about letting you know if that’s happened.

If it’s something else, 30 days isn’t out of the question (God help you if we’re talking about a barbell). Best shooting an email off to whoever your purchased from.

Its not unusual to take 3 or more weeks to get to Australia. It all went bad when they stopped surface mail about 6 years ago. Then airmail would take only 3-7days. Now its a lot more expensive and really patchy, anywhere between 1 week and 5weeks.