USPS or FedEx to Canada?

For shipping to Canada? I’m making a big order and was wondering if I will get charged with any customs fees when shipping across the border with USPS instead of Fedex? Does anyone have any experience with this. I’m shipping to nova scotia if that helps.

My last order I used Fedex. Two tubs of Surge, Alpha Male, and 2 shirts. It all came in 1 week. It was rather fast without hassle, but not sure if it was worth $38 for shipping and another $15 when it arrived at the door.

I’ve used them both. They both have extra fees payable at your door (in Ontario).

Fedex was a few dollars more (plus more from here as well) but you get your order faster.

My last $400+ order was an addtional $34 if I recall correctly once it got to my house. USPS

If you value your order, go with FedEx.

USPS’s tracking rarely works and we have far more complaints from customers dissatisfied with their service.

When I checkout, I only have the option to ship via USPS. Where is the option to ship FedEx? Trying to ship to Alberta fyi.

If you’re not seeing a FedEx option, it means they are having problems with their server.

Give it a couple a minutes and try again.

I’ve always used FedEx as they always have been the cheaper option and promise delivery within 2-5 business days.

The only issue with them is I’ve got dinged a few times for extra charges but when I called them on it, they had no idea why. They simply returned my money and that was that.

So keep your paper work and don’t throw it away anytime soon 'cause you never know when you might need it.