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USPlabs Products?


Anyone else using any products from USPlabs?
I am very impressed by Anabolic Pump; definitely the best results I've ever gotten from a supplement.
It claims something like "THE GENETIC EQUALIZER -- GAIN MUSCLE; LOSE FAT" which at first I thought was ridiculous, but it actually has been making it easier to do both of the above.

Now I actually feel like I've got good genetics lol.
Creatine worked well when I first started using it, but ever since then I've never really felt like any supplement (not counting protein powders) I tried was actually impacting my body changes more than what I was already getting from diet/training.

I don't personally know many people who use their products since they aren't that mainstream yet so I was wondering what results other people online are getting and also which products they are using.


omg a post about a supplement company other than Biotest.. lol ive been very interested in anabolic pump for a couple years now but never tried it. i have tried Pslin before but only for about 5 workouts since, and got a pretty huge pump from it, it recommends a lot of carb before taking it with 50/50 combo of simple/complex sugars, which i love.

if u make a log of AP id definitely be following.

PS i only stopped using pslin because the bottle ran out since someone gave half a bottle to me and my brother for free.


I tried their Cissus supplement and didn't notice a difference. Haven't tried any of their other products.


I didn't notice a thing either.