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USPF PA State Championship


My video from the meet this past weekend in Pittsburgh.

(might want to mute the volume; the music sounds good on the original file but after uploading to youtube it sounds like BLS is playing under water or something)

This was my first full meet. I totalled 1713 in the Open 242 division with a 650 squat, 501 bench, and 562 deadlift. As it turns out, the Open 242 division was the only one with more than 1 participant, and I took 2nd place out of 3. My buddy Dave Smiley took 1st with a 655 squat, 490 bench, and 655 deadlift, good for his first 1800 total in single ply.

Practically the whole Celli's crew was lifting at this meet. Ryan even guest lifted, hitting a 710 deadlift at 213 (I think that's what he weighed in at, not sure). Carmine DiLucente set two American records in the Junior 308 division, with a 534 bench and a 666 deadlift. He also had two narrow misses with a 705 pull.


Nice video…great Meet!


Nice work! I thought you were going to get that last deadlift.