USPA Standards- Why Is the Squat So High?

What’s up guys!
So I always thought good numbers started at 1.5x bodyweight for bench, 2x for squat and 2.5x for deadlift. But as I’m checking USPA standards, I’m shooting for Class 2 results, I see that squat is over 2.2X bodyweight, practically the same as deadlift. Thoughts??

For the average person sure 2x squat, 1.5 bench 2.5 deadlift are “good” numbers. However for competitive power lifters They are not “good” numbers.

Look at it this way a 181 pound male squatting 362 pounds isn’t impressive. Even squatting 2.5 making it 452.5 isn’t really special either. Start getting into 500+ and you start to get into the “strong” category. Not freak strong, but strong.

Remember the classifications are all relative based on compiled results of numerous lifters.

If you’re just wanting to get stronger and do better, don’t worry what your classification is. Just keep grinding and pushing.

If you want to wins competitions and all that, then you’ve got a lot of work to do which you should ignore the classifications and just press forward.