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USPA Speciality Bars


Hey, does anyone know what bars uspa uses? do they use Texas squat Texas power and Texas deadlift respectively?


Most USPA meets do use the Texas Squat Bar for the Squat, Texas Power Bar for Bench, and Texas Deadlift Bar for Deadlift, but some meets may use a different bar (for example, the meets SMG has hosted used a 20 kg Eleiko Power Bar for both the Squat and Bench).

The USPA Rulebook actually doesn’t list specific brand requirements for bars but does state that Squat Bars must not weigh more than 25 kg (which eliminates heavier bars such as the Iron Wolfe Squat Bar which weighs 65 lbs).

Your best bet would be to contact the Meet Director of the particular meet you’re looking into and ask which bars they will use for their meet.