USPA Bench Questions

Hey guys, I am doing my first ever meet in the USPA in a few month. I was reading through the rule book and I was a little confused at the bench grip width specifications.

4.3.3 The hands…may not grip outside the 81cm mark, with the index fingers covering the 81 cm ring.

Does this mean you can use an index on the rings grip, but no wider. Or, does it mean that no part of your hand can be outside of the rings?

Also, if you have done a USPA meet, how strict are they with the belly benching rule? I use a pretty big arch and touch fairly low. It is not super low, but maybe enough to be questionable.

Thanks for your help

I think it means index fingers must be within the 81cm ring and that’s how they are judging the grip width. Wish rule books were a little less ambigious with their wording.

I haven’t competed in USPA or read the rule book, so don’t rely on my answer.

Andrew, I’ve competed many times in the USPA. It’s a top notch federation with strict but uniform judging. The widest possible grip is out to the “power rings”. As long as your grip covers the rings you’re good. Most “shirted” lifters use the fatty area between index finger and thumb to get a bit wider.

Best of luck!

You can grip as wide as index finger on the ring and as narrow as pinky on the ring.

I’m not sure about the belly benching. I touch approx. 2" below the bottom of my pec and haven’t had a problem.

Index fingers on the rings is the widest grip. I recently competed in 2 USPA meets geared, and I didn’t see anyone’s bench disallowed because of touching too far down the belly. If you’re still concerned about it at the meet ask questions during the rules briefing, or when you weigh in. If you bring it up beforehand the judges will help you out with how to make it a passable lift. Good luck!