USPA Battle For the Yard 3 Training Log

Hello, all.

I’m coming out of an eight year competitive retirement and competing in the November 16 USPA Battle For the Yard 3 meet, so I thought I’d start a training log.

I was originally going to let my self bulk up to 242 and do Bench Only but consideration of my cholesterol level made me reconsider and now I’m going to do Deadlift Only @198/Submaster.

My training on Monday was also encouraging because I haven’t deadlifted or rack pulled in a long time and 405 below the knee was easy.

My main goal for the meet is to cut from 226.2 this morning to 198 and get 9/9 white lights.

Monday (10/14): Bench Press/Back

  1. pause bench press (tm: 225)
    60%: 135x5
    70%: 160x5
    75%: 170x3
    80%: 180x3
    85%: 190x1
    90%: 205x1
    95%: 215x1

2 min. rp for warm-ups; 1 min. rp for speed sets

  1. rack pulls (bar below knees)

  2. dual-arm underhand machine pulldowns

  3. 1-arm DB rows

  4. alternate hammer curls
    20/30x2x10; 40x8

  5. seated dual-arm cable curls
    20/30x15; 40x10

90 sec. rp; Back w/Hooker grips

Coming off a long layoff from benching, my goal was simply to bench 225. It was easy, so I did 5 sets of speed reps.

I started keto this morning. Eggs and bacon never tasted so good! :slight_smile:

Projected macros for today: