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USP Labs Execs Plead Guilty

USP labs execs and owners just plead guilty to some pretty serious fraud charges (falsifying import docs, mislabeling ingredients etc…)

I took the original jack3d back when it had DMAA in it. It was amazing, and apparently hepatoxic… ruh roh.

I wonder what all the supplement companies who previously made pro-hormones (including Biotest) are thinking right about now. Pro hormones are basically designer steroids and upon discovery I’m sure there’d be emails at every company where senior management acknowledges they know their products cause shutdown or other side effects.

Mods; didn’t know if this thread would fly. Kill it of if it’s against TOS. Not advocating for another supp company, just discussion.

I tried Jack3d a few times, years ago. It got me all hyped up for like 30 minutes and then you crash and feel like complete shit for the rest of the day. At least that was my experience.

DMAA was banned in Canada a few years ago, is it still legal in the US?

A lot of supplements have banned substances, there was one pre-workout called Craze that had some sort of amphetamines in it. That’s the same one that made Jesse Norris test positive. At the gym I used to go to there were a bunch of people who were all into that stuff, a couple of them even said they were hooked on it and no other preworkout could compare. I wonder why.

Fucking A, maybe this is why my SHBG is so high. I took DMAA , in jacked, and by itself for quite a while.

Yea, I had the same effect, it was a decent stimulant though, but it crashed hard. I usually fell asleep after my workouts on those days.

Not sure, but they have moved on to a new one called Dimethlylheptane DMPA (I believe)

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I’m surprised how light their sentences will be, the most time any one of them is facing is 6 years. Especially considering that people died from this stuff, that just doesn’t sound right. You hear about people in the US getting decades for seemingly small crimes, like selling weed and stuff like that, how does this make sense?


Yea I remember while I was still in the service a few guys took DMAA and went on a forced road march (STUPID idea) in Georgia.

It was banned from military use after that.

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What happened to them?

There is a name in there that sounded very familiar with a style that I recognize.

An ounce of weed would get folks 10 years in prison and this guy gets a slap in his hand. I agree it’s fucked. Obvious fraud.


They died. Dehydration I think.

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  1. That’s only in dumb jurisdictions like Texas. In Alaska weed is a traffic ticket.

  2. It’s hard to prosecute the owners/officers of a business for crimes. They can use the cashflow of the business to defend themselves. This is good and bad. You’ve got these jerks skating. But on the other hand if there was no limited liability you’d have Mrs. McGillicutty with $500 in Boeing stock getting sued over the 737 max deaths.

  3. Money buys justice.


Is this not the BlackStone Labs / Redcon guy?

The funny thing is that USP Labs was based in Dallas.

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Irony thy name is Texas.

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In the Midwest when I was younger I got probation for an ounce of weed. 12 years prison if I didn’t complete 5 years clean. Bs. Nonsense. Regardless I agree :slight_smile:

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Was that possession or you got caught selling it?

Still, 12 years is double the maximum sentence for selling falsely labelled supplements that kill people. Something is seriously wrong.

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Possession. They charged me with possession to distribute. I realized later my lawyer was an idiot and jsut accepted what was offered. Dope

There are so many men and woman in prison because of marijuana.

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Nobody is in prison for small amounts of weed. That’s a lie that needs to stop being spread.

Its either a plea down from distribution amounts OR weed possession was an additional charge. Kinda like the lie that blacks receive harsher sentences for the same crimes as whites. What people leave out is prior history and or additional charges.

The pot calling kettle black. Police officer in the city being led to believe he’s locking up folks who are given equal chances at life. Brain washed with hate and ignorance.

Only an arrogant fool would respond in such a manner. You obviously have a point to make. Your running around with this state of mind that since your a cop you know it all. Have you ever thought that maybe your biased and your worldly view is not very broad.

I lived in the STL for almost 30 years. Cops are corrupt down there. Cross to the east side it’s worse.

STL ghettos are nothing compared to places like Chicago and dallas. But they are similar.

To sit there and say black men are not given longer sentences is a load of quack. Do you even open your ears or read? Or do you ignore anything that goes against your POV. Because it takes one second to find a few legitimate sources besides faux news to find that this is true and it’s the most ignorant stance an american can have.

What percentage of blacks are in Our judicial system? Now tell what % for white. Ok now what % does the black community make up of America. There’s something wrong.

Your badge belongs on someone’s chest that has a better attitude.


Well. That went bad pretty quickly. Zero to kaboom in 20 posts!