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Usnic Acid

Apparently Usnic Acid is “in vogue” again. As you remember Lipokinetix was pulled because of the Usnic Acid content. Dave Palumbo is claiming that is because the recommended dosage on the label was 3X what it should have been. That being said, there is a new Usnic Acid product out from Icon Nutritional Research Lab that contains Sodium Usneate (Usnic Acid). There is another product coming out as well in the next couple of weeks that contains it. Is this stuff better than T3? Similar to DNP without the sides? That is what many claim. Any thoughts?

It’s been extensively addressed both in at
least one article (by Brock Strasser) and on
the Forum.

It is LESS safe than DNP in my opinion.

That any supplement company could still
be selling it is almost incredible, seeing that the company that first did it is most likely (in my opinion) to be bankrupted by a class action suit currently being organized against them by a major law firm.

Stay as far away from this crap as you can.

Dude, I thought lipokinetix was good but i have never sweat so much before in my life. The usnic acid makes you into a human waterfall. If you can tolerate it then try the product but it can make you feel pretty shitty. T3 probably isn’t as bad besides the thyroid downregulation.

JRR: Usnic Acid is bad news at any dose. For those of you “in the know” a fellow by the name of Bruce Kneller called Duchaine out on the carpet for bringing this supplement to the market, Bruce called it the most dangerous supplement ever. I’d leave it alone.

Hey laz. I hope nothing funky turns up in your system from using lipokinetix. Take care bro.

i actually only took a little less than a full bottle so it probably didn’t do that much. HOPEFULLY!