USN 100% Premium Whey Protein

Hi Guys, anyone using this whey protein powder? I need some help.
I have some questions regarding the scoop size and if my protein is an authentic one or fake!
I measured the scoop, it weights 9 grams.
Level scoop with with whey, weights 56 grams.
So, 56-9=45 grams of protein powder per scoop. How is this possible on the bag to say “serving size: 1 scoop 34grams” ?! Thats 11 grams difference! Is this legit?

You packed too much into the scoop.

But i didnt push it or amything. What i noticed is that the scoops are 90cc instead of the common 70cc, so I guess is because of that? But still, why to say on the package 1 scoop 34grams?
I guess i can use smaller scoop, or simply just weight the powder, but that makes me suspicious if its the authentic or fake product.

Why not order from Biotest, the company that sponsors this very forum you are posting on, in order to ensure you receive the product you intended to use?

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that would be nice, but im based in Europe and Biotest products are not in my country.

@Mod_Phoenix fairly certain ya’ll ship to Europe, yeah?

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We sure do!

Also, @C1911, please check your email.

thanks, replied :+1:t3:

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I’m going to say this while trying to retain my inner eye roll.
The scoop was probably measured to hold 34g aerated powder… Unless you’re putting your protein powder through a sifter to aerate it, your powder isn’t aerated meaning your powder is ‘packed’.

If you care that much about it, then aerate your powder first and how much your scoop holds while level - measuring by weight. It should be about 34g…

sometimes I make me want to throw up

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I learned something similar from Rachael Ray!

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