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How’s it goin everyone this is my first post on here I am currently a USMC Poole I ship out in July of 2014. My problem is diet and how to put together a good workout schedule I am currently 195 pounds I’m guessing 16-18 percent body fat and I would like to get more lean but at the same time get stronger also I’m 6’1.

I’m gonna be starting WS4SB3 soon

Also when I do cardio like long distance stuff should I do it the same day as I lift or another day. I also have acess to sand bags a 200 pound tractor tire, sledge hammer, battle ropes, slam ball, 35 LB kettle bell, and a jump rope all for condtioning.

Also what should my diet look like if I’m trying to get lean and strong with all this stuff at the same time.

If any one would be able to help that would be great thankyou

The Marine Corps loves skinny-fat runners so run whenever you get a chance. Mind you not ideal for overall athletic performance or body comp, just good to get through boot camp. There are dozens of good diet articles on this site that you can peruse. The hardest part of boot camp isn’t really physical anyway. Just get your run time under 22:00 or so and you will be good from that stand point. If you can get all 20 pull ups you are golden. If you are doing WS4SB the CFT will be a joke. Good luck and hope your experience is better than mine (want to write a 10 page rant on why you shouldn’t join but I am restraining myself).

Why would the USMC want skinny fats and not guys built more like athletes

Because that is how they work. Lots of times logic does not apply.

Why would the USMC want skinny fats and not guys built more like athletes

Again a very reasonable question. You have to realize what you are dealing with. They don’t want someone with 19 inch arms who can deadlift 700 lbs and can fireman carry 2 people up a hill. They want someone who can just run all day (in boots lots of times to be fair) because it is easier to train people that way and how their performance scores are set up. I have seen people getting promoted for no other reason than 18:00 3 miles who are 140 lbs soaking wet.

And if you get to swole they will piss you for roids…

That’s kinda wierd they want it like that. But do you guys run or do any condtioning the same day you lift if so do you do it before or after

I don’t run except for the pft. Period I hate running.

Ok if you don’t mind me asking what was your MOS

I am a 1341. Engineer equipment mechanic. Just picked up cpl last month.

seriously … check out Stew Smith workouts … its good stuff for conditioning…

You should focus on whatever gets you and improved 3 mile run, 18 or under. Work on your pullups, you get 20 you are God in boot camp, and crunches, you will get those easy. 100 in 2 mins?

Those are the three things things to focus on physically.

Training is more mental and what you can put up with. Get used to being yelled at and doing demeaning shit, don’t take anything personal, you will be part of a collective soon while at boot. Respond loud, speak up loudly, but don’t ever speak up for no reason at all.

Your welcome little brother!

Checked out stew smith and he does have some good stuff

And I’m gonna just have to work on my ru n time a bit more

What are your running times now?

I would lift 3 and run 3 days a week.

My 1.5 mile time is around 12 minutes right now

Do one long run a week and one day work on running 200 or 400’s fast then jog one and repeat a few times.

When I went through Boot (08, MCRD) there was a great deal of emphasis on high rep body weight exercises and long distance cardio. You will run, walk, or march several miles a day. The longest distance that we marched with an existence load (roughly 100 lbs, +/- 15) was 10 miles . Obviously if you can excel at those, you will have an easier time during boot camp.

That said, I went through boot with a guy that was a former bodybuilder champion at the state level (I think Mr. Idaho). His forearms were so big that he couldn’t fully roll up his sleeves until a few weeks in and after losing about 20 lbs (he did say he got leaner as well). This guy was so strong that he effortlessly picked me up (at around 200 at the time) and another Marine slightly heavier during a MCMAP drill. The Drill Instructors “loved” him and he received preferential treatment despite being a poor runner and not particularly good at pull ups either.

Once I got to MCT (Marine Combat Training) the emphasis on long distance cardio was greatly reduced. One of my platoon’s sergeants didn’t give a flying fuck about pullups or 3 mile times. He said they had zero relationship to combat and instead put emphasis on 800m speed and strength.

You won’t be able to run 3 miles in 18:00 and achieve an exceptional level of strength, but I personally wouldn’t be concerned with 3 mile time. As long as you can max pull ups and crunches (absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t) and post a good CFT score you should be fine.

For training I would focus on a mixture of limit strength work, bodyweight work, and low impact, long distance walking. If you can squat 405 (or even 315), any load you’ll be marching will feel much lighter. If you can do a pullup at +100lbs bodyweight you should easily do 20 reps at bodyweight, especially if you bother to do some high rep sets after your limit strength work.

I would honestly just do a strength program with some walking or sprinting/conditioning 2-3 a week. Make sure you get plenty of rest and eat enough for recovery.

Edit: You will lose weight in Boot Camp unless you are a twig on double rations. I weighed in at very bloated and disgustingly stuffed 195 (normal weight would’ve been 185-190) and dropped as low as 170 halfway through. For most of Boot I tried to eat clean, no sugars or milk, and lots of protein. You will be constantly hungry in Boot Camp no matter what you eat.