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USMC Bootcamp Too Easy

[quote]combatmedic wrote:

And you know what? Now is a hell of a time to stay in for a career. Pay is up to a decent rate, an E-4 will make living wage, very comparable to the civilian side. Education benifits are as good as ever. Re-up bonus, man, let me tell you I did the dirty while deployed, I got duty station of choice and enough of a bonus to buy a new car cash. Promotions are quick, I see combat arms soldiers making E-5 in less than three years, usually closer to two.
I can’t comment on the well being of the services as a whole, but for the individual soldier, this is a great time to be in. Well, except that going to war and getting blown up part.[/quote]

Doc, you’re exactly right. People will always say: “You get out of the military what you put into it”. Alot, and I mean ALOT of guys in their early 20’s are getting out right now and that’s the wrong answer. I’m staying in because there’s never been more opportunity and freedom in terms of jobs, training, pay promotions, benefits and duty station availability.

I’m willing to bet I see some of these guys jumping ship right now in 3 0r 4 years because they wanted to come back. Just my way of thinking though. I’m up for reenlistment next month and you can bet I’m gonna play hardball when it comes time to re-up.

I still consider joining up with the AF.

[quote]40yarddash wrote:
I just came back from Parris Island and I’m pretty suprised how much easier it was than I expected. I mean I was not even that good of a recruit I constantly got quarterdecked so yeah it was a tough mentally but physically it was easy as hell. I was expecting it to make me extremely physically fit but the only real improvements I made was from doing pullups or whatever else in my own freetime, the PT that they made us do there was really not that hard and after first phase we barely PT’d anymore.

Hey boot, stick around for a while and you will figure out there is more hard stuff after boot camp. All boot camp does is set the minimum standard for you to maintain.
Congradulations Marine, welcome aboard.

You guys who were or are in are very lucky. I got weeded out due to asthma many years ago when it was harder than hell to get in.

Anyway, they should let the DIs beat the recruits, really hammer them. Stand on their backs while doing pushups, crack 'em with wooden rods during pullups. Nobody eats until everyone runs 5 miles (or more).

That’s the way the USMC should be.

[quote]skaz05 wrote:
Yeah man, Army basic training was pretty easy…[/quote]

Not when I was in (Vietnam era)…“Full-Metal Jacket/Boys in Company C”, Yeah, like that, and nobody ratted out a Drill for using corporal punishment, they were all NamVets and we worshipped the ground they walked on. Even back then, dipshits were removed. Three were washed out of my BCT Platoon alone…

… and happy 232nd birthday Marines.

Same thing happening with the Navy. I went through Great Lakes in 94, then was a range instructor from 00-03, and saw a HUGE difference in training. 94-if we were in a group of 6 or less, we had to run everywhere, silence everywhere except in berthing, but we barely PT’d. 00-03–they walk everywhere, in winter all the recruits would be in sneakers, the medical waiting room is like a damn recruit lounge now- sleeping and watching cartoons, instructors/RDCs would get reprimanded and possibly NJP for swearing at recruits, though they do PT a little more.

And it’s getting worse. As I was leaving, they completed a new PT facility(which is cool, awesome facility), and the first 2 of the new barracks. The new barracks contain, in addition to berthing, a galley and multiple classrooms-in each building. Battle Stations is the Navy version of the Crucible, except it is only one night long. In 00-03, they would run from station to station, all over the base(pool, range, DC trainer, firefighting, ship-in-a-bottle, etc). Once the new Battle Stations building is completed, they will complete the entire evolution in one building, which means the running(read-extra physical exertion) will be cut out.

Just glad I’m not in the fleet anymore. Not sure I would want to deal with a lot of the kids I saw coming through. And just like the other services, besides health/menatl/criminal issues, there is no weeding out process.

Just wanted to thank all the military service men/women for their work. I’m jealous in a way…I wanted to follow my father’s footsteps into the Navy but was eliminated due to asthma.

Wow, I thought Boot Camp was hard as fuck, but what do I know? The ease in which you completed it can only be attributed to your superior abilities, intellect, and conditioning. Or, you just never put out and just did what was necessary to get by. But that can’t be the case, since you decided to share your experiences on an internet forum in a completely disrespectfull manner. I completely believe that you did go to Boot Camp and found it lacking. And afterwards, you felt it necessary to address these short comings with strangers on an internet forum rather than your command.